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Hi my sleep or should i say lack of sleep is really getting on my nerves dont matter what i do ! still NO sleep !!!!!!!!!! so has anyone been to a hypnotist a recommendedone that can help you lose weight/stop smoking SLEEP ? i was just wondering i am getting desperate her lol i have tried the milky drink/ the no drink/ the soft music/ lavender oil/ warm bed /cold bed/going to bed earlier/later/sleeping in day well cat nap/not sleeping in day !!!arghh need i go on basically apart from knocking me out with sometging very heavy i have done it all so what do you think????

look into my eyes /my eyes lol could be worth a go 1 love to you diddle x

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Oh yes i would only go to one who was personally recommenede by someone in a high profession like my GP or someonei knew who had been and had good results i would not do anything to put myself in danger or anything like hat thankyou for your concern love to you diddle x


Actually my x husband went to one quite few years ago now to stop him from smoking and it cost him £100 back then which was alot ( but not alot compared to price of cigarettes) and it worked he did not smoke for many many years but has just started again thelast few months but that 3100 would have been spent 1000.s times over on cigarettes so i will have to try and remeber who hw saw think he advertisers in the local paper love to you diddle x


yeah i prob wont do it , it was just a deperate thought at 4.30 am lol love to you diddle x


There are some good self-hypnosis CDs available to help with insomnia. It can also help as a form of pain management.


I agree with you LindseyMid, self hypnosis CD's are very calming and so are the relaxation CD's - have you thought of trying those? They may be avaiable to hire from your local library.

It's just a bit of time out for the body and brain, even if you don't actually fall asleep.

I've seen a hypnotist for weight and pre exam nerves and I find the experience very relaxing indeed, and it's not like the stuff you see on the telly! No one can make you do stuff you don't want to do!

Anyone tried reiki? Thats also very relaxing.


Hi Diddle,

Every morning my fella Tommy gets up for work at 5am which wakes me up and I struggle to get back to sleep, so I have a nice cuppa tea in bed with him before he goes, after hes gone I then settle down with Darren Marks Relaxing Hypnosis app on my iphone which was free in the Apple App store.

Its a relaxing hypnotherapy session and it works every time, before I used this I couldn't get back to sleep, If you haven't got an iphone or ipad I'm sure you can buy the CD from Amazon or something similar, its worth a try and probly only cost you a couple of quid.

Hope this Helps

Irene x


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