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Trouble Sleeping

I was at docs this morn as I am finding it hard to sleep, two months ago my sleeping tablet was removed . Since then I have not had a full nights sleep wakening up 2 or 3 times a night. Anyway my doc has given me 14 tablets to try and get some sleep. Why could he not have let me stay on the tabs I was on, what is the point of removing them in the first place! Oh he also suggested I try Nytol or Kalms from chemist ! Help, any views -

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before i was put on codydramol and amitriptyline i used to take kalms and they were quite strong in the making you sleepy kind of way ,if your doc said try them maybe give them a go xx


They don't like dishing out sleeping tablets due to there addictive nature, I have tried the herbal jobs but do nothing for me was on 100mgs of ami and 6 of diazepam and still not sleeping 4 hours if I was lucky a night now on Pregabalin and diazepam and need to up the dose but due to the weight gain when I am trying to lose it I am holding back!

Hugs Ruby xx


aw hope you get some sleep soon bless ya take care love diddle x


Many thanks folk will let you all know what sort of night I had in tomorrows blog xo


I hope U have a good nights sleep, lack of sleep is awful, but I agree the docs wont give many sleeping pills out because they are very addictive.

Night night sleep tight x

lol SusanY :) :)


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