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Trouble sleeping? Maybe this might help

I know sleeping can be very troublesome sometimes especially when fibro is in full force.

I've tried various methods and to be honest nothing works 100 percent but they can help make it easier.

For the first few years I hardly slept but now I find I'm getting enough hours. Trouble is no matter how much u sleep u end up waking up still tired.

The best method for me has been taking a few drops of rescue remedy before bed (can be found in any health food shop and most supermarkets) it doesn't taste great but it's only a few drops under the tongue which makes u feel instantly calm. It's great to use whenever ur in a situation that makes ur heart jump.

Then I bought something called an earthing sheet. It is a bit pricey I think I paid £126. And what that is is a sheet u put on top of your bed so it's in direct contact with your body. It has to be plugged in but lucky the wire is so long so it can reach your nearest plug easily. It helps ground your body and make ur body feel relaxed as it connects to the earth wire helping you relax. Honestly it makes me sleep almost instantly. Your body needs a few days to get used to it do it's worth trying for a week and of it doesn't work for u u can always return it. Definitely worth a try. I take it with me everywhere I go.

My best piece of advice is trying alternative healing methods as medication only causes side affects. So herbal ways and methods thy have no side affects are best as they can only help. Xx

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Hi Simran,

I've tried a few alternative treatments but none that have worked to any great effect.

Finances are tight here so I'm wary of what treatments I try , I'd hate to find something that works , only to not be able to continue to afford it !



Ive tried rescue remedy a few years ago it took the stress away, if I could find something for the svere pain Im in Id feel better


It's a once off payment for this sheet. It helps with sleeping not so much the pain. It's worth a try if not it can always be returned within the time frame. Rescue is great for those stressful moments and only costs around £4


Sadly Simran, I don't have a spare £126 at the moment or I'd give it a go . Even £4 is stretching my limits !

I have tried rescue remedy before, but because I have stomach problems I found it gave me heartburn.Although it stayed in the mouth rather than being swallowed , it also stayed in my saliva and even my saliva gives me heartburn ! Pretty much everything does , even toothpaste .

I tried acupuncture once ( which was a big thing for me because I don't like needles ) , I found it helped with back pain I was having but did nothing for the other aches.

If you're on prescribed meds you do have to be careful of any alternative treatments you try , St John's wort for instance shouldn't be taken with anti depressants .

My dad , bless him, is always searching for things that might help , which is why I've tried so many things in the past .


Ive spent thousands on remadies, nothing worked for me


Same that's why I'm sceptical to try new things. Literally thousands spent with no difference. The only things that have helped are the earthing sheet, rescue and also Ayurvedic ways. If you have time look up ayushakti Ayurveda


Has anyone ever tried a lettuce sandwich. I dont have much trouble getting to sleep its just the bloody pain which bothers me. I am a real sceptic but I did try the lettuce butty and it did help. Worth a try - got nothing to lose.


Yes, I've heard of this, lettuce has a sedative effect so it's worth a try, I also tried bachs night rescue remedy and it works too, maybe it's all in the head but hey whatever -:).


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