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ct scan didnt happen

well I set out at 10.30 to get the bus to hospital and it never turned up,so came back home and contacted the bus company.they said it doesn't start from the leisure centre but from the retail park.so I said I have always got the bus from the leisure centre and there was nothing to say the bus doesn't go from there anymore.have to wait til Friday now for my scan.

does anyone have problems with their shoulders?i cannot put my shoulders back and today I noticed that they are more forward than ever.also both of my feet were so painful this morning

walking my dogs was painful.a sharp stinging type of feeling.

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Yes I walked to the docs this morning and my ankles were so painful nd my feet so sore , I often get the sharp pain but its like some one is sticking a sharp pin into me or like I have just had electric shock, The type u get when u touch metal like the shopping trolley,wish u well an umma, gentle hugs to u ....Dee xx


Sorry meant to ave told u I ave pains in my shoulders and down my right arm the muscle is very painful and now like my legs the muscle keeps going into spasms, take care hope u have good day tomorrow, hugs Dee xx


thanks Dee


Yup my fibro is worst in my shoulder and neck the muscles are extremely tight and keep going into spasm..... That's why I have the injections every three months as muscle relaxants help a little but don't actually get them relaxed and if I try to raise my arms my shoulder muscle feel like they are stretched and burning... My ankles are always painful but that's arthritis good luck on Friday



thanks vg.i walked my dogs down to get some milk and couldn't carry the bag on my arm.


That's just my problem I can even carry a handbag anymore

Hope you get some answers soon

VG x


That is so frustrating! Does your hospital have a scheme that provides transport under certain circumstances? If you are having problems, the hospital would provide a taxi type service either at a reduced rate, or free if on benefits. It's worth asking!

I know what you mean about that pain in your feet. Another symptom to go with the rest. Good luck on Friday. xx


yes the hospital does provide transport and I have used it when I have been in for a day op to bring me home but not when it is fro a scan /outpatients appts.


, you can call transport desk at Poole General Hospital to arrange transport for outpatient appointments. Just take evidence of benefits with you for free transport or ask for info. on their discounted taxi charges. These days my dr. surgery arrange amubulance transport for my hospital appointments which dont cost me a penny. Your local hospital may well have a different system. Worth asking. xx


I didn't think to phone the hospital transport.!!


fingers well and truly x! keep us posted? xx


Yes very much so....and made worse by stress so I'm sure trying to get to your appointment would have made it worse. I make myself very aware of where my shoulders are. They can easy rise up and spasm.

Shoulder pain is really common as is pain between the ribs...that's scarey cos it can get your head thinking about heart problems.

I had it with pain going down my left arm....obviously that needs checking out by a go.....but for me its just fibro.

Tingling I get with standing.....which is why I rarely wait for buses.....being up right too long.....but it can also be, for me, a sign of mild panic....so stress again.

Really hope you're ok. That sound like an exhausting experience x


my concerns are is it cancer-cos I had a cough since before September, my stomach is so huge it could be a cyst/tumour. and the pain around my ribs can be quite excruciating.my weight has dropped quite a bit since august last year and my throat is very tight and lumpy at front(larynx??)


Oh yes, yes yes!!

I so have painful shoulders.

And yes my feet come out in sympathy for my shoulders.


Bibi x


well I made it to the hospital today and after sitting on the bus for hour and half (each way)my legs were so stiff could barely walk and I stood whilst waiting for my scan.this was all for the 10minutes it took. results will take about two weeks.i asked if they could scan my abdomen

and said I would need to see a dr first to refer me.

tonight my stomach is so much harder to touch and more swollen.my skin is bright red allover and my hands are so sore .

I have a pre assessment appt on 6th june so hopefully the op date wont be too far after that..my dogs hated me going out today and they both pawed me - begging me not to go out. I left them cuddled up on the sofa together and they were both there to greet me when I got home.


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