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well as thought had to stay off work, but not only me loses out my staff does and customers , but i have filled the recycle bin :-)

well as thought had to stay off work, but not only me loses out my staff does and customers , but i have filled the recycle bin :-)

WEll i fell asleep unknowinlgly whilst my 11yr olds friend was here i was helping with home work one minute on hazardous images and next was asleep 8pm the dogs woke me 2 and half hours later with knock on door for Take away! eek

so not me not gett ing sleep as been woken with legs and neck and arm obviously taking its toll it guess.

I woke this morning again early and had to take pills earlier than normal, so not worked and had to not go as driving difficult with turning my head right and moving my right arm, plus the Diazepam causes tiredness too, even though i have worked before i was not this bad.

i have cleared out the cupboards where all my household bills and then my cupboard with all work paperwork and i filled the green bin! am shattered now pills worn off laid on sofa again and run out of T BAGS ohhhh noooo not good will ask my neighbour as i always make her lots of cuppas and she knows i NEVER off work unless bed ridden lol she like a mum to me that lady, only thing she will not know am home as i am car sharing with hubby so she will think am at work lol ..

nothin in cupboards as desperate for shopping but tight with money me not at work as i earn as i work :-( Skint flint lol then i watch Orange County Housewives lol xxxxxxxxx

hows everyone today just thought i share my moments of being at home

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hello I am so sorry you are having a rough time hope you have a better day tomorrow love beth x


Sorry that you are having a bad time lately. It is always good to have a clear out but perhaps you have over done things today. I'm not good at pacing myself either as it is always tempting to try and catch up with things when I have a good spell. Would love to have a neighbour like yours though. She sounds like a good friend. Take care and hope you are on the mend soon. Jane x


thanx ladies its a pure nuisance when it strikes like thunder n lightening what we cope with daily was once a nightmare!!! we start to manage and then wham bam something else hits you sick of the neck going . this has got to be 6th time now since last year!

I never have time for clear outs with work etc.. i flop when i come home now and the house is not the same anymore now i not doing what i used to so i sound like a nagging mum and wife asking for it to be kept up with. blaaahhh lol...

i ccannot believe how much i cleared out..i want to decorate my bedroom but its the clearing out etc and i cannot do the decorating either anymore so not sure what to do hoh..

Ohh i go to work hail rain snow does not bother me despite hating cold and not tolerating it!

i am only at home if physically can not drive and struggling and that is the case at moment :-(

hows you laides doing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hiya ive p m worried about you like that programme to im addicted to it and watch the new york ones too.

they are soo bitchy and some live beyond there means.

im sorry to hear your soo poorly still,im sending virtual hugs wont help...

and join club were skint too.went shopping last nite and added things up as we went along no treats etc.well struggling bad at no how that feels..

im home alone has fella goes to college two days a week now.hes trying to build a better future for us bless him..

miss him lots.and emailed my local mp and asked for help with appeal etc and hes gonna help the best he can which is great news..

hope your soon feeling a whole better.xx


hi , i'm just posting with a query, you said you've cleared out the household bills cupboard; have you shredded the bills? only I've heard of people who had their identity stolen and credit cards taken out after their bins were raided and bills & details used to get them. I'm not trying to frighten, just concerned.

regards, sandra.


Cazzie how on earth do you do so much when feeling so bad? I am sleeping pretty much every other day at the moment as the Fibro and CFS are really getting at me now; today I spent loads of time with my grand-daughter which was wonderful. she is 9 months old today and such a funny, loving little girl.

Julie xx


Aww thanks all of you , i guess we all manage in our own ways.

I am sooo rough and hating it so much just now and cannot even cry lol

As for paper wrk yeah alll done in rite way xxx

I love this site it helps so much xxxx


after all you've achieved, no wonder you're nodding off. sleep well tonight, you can come round to mine anytime there's loads to do!

regards, sandra.


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