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a great day out

hello fibro buddies,

I just wanted to share a lovely day I had sunday. my hubby and I went to a local dog show/fun day. the weather was perfect as sunny but with cloud and a cool breeze. so I slapped on my sun block and took my "grandpup" teddy along with his blanket (he feels the cold) and his carry water bottle :)

well, it was BIG, breed tents, birds of prey, dog agility, fun contests ; prettiest female, handsome male, golden oldies, scruffiest hound and lots more! :) all done with fun and laughter.

stalls selling all things doggy and animal charity was an excellent day. we enjoyed walking around and talking to lots of other dog lovers. saw hundreds of dogs; labs, staffs, border collies, Chihuahuas, terriers, whippets, greyhounds, dogue de Bordeaux, akitas, boxers, pugs, spaniels,bulldogs, Chinese crested, shepherds, leonbergers, cavalier's, cross breeds............and more!

easily over a thousand dogs walking around with their owners. it was splendid to be in the company of so many like minded people.

well I was in doggy heaven :) I adore all dogs, any breed......just love their loyalty, devotion and unconditional love.

although im paying the price yesterday and today (pain and swelling) it was so worth it .

hugs to everyone x

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So glad you had a really nice day, hope the pain settles down :)


So nice to hear about your day out, we had planned to go out but it rained non stop all day here. Hope everything settles down soonX


So glad you enjoyed your day. I would also have been in heaven and would have wanted to bring them all home as we are without a doggy companion at the moment. Sometimes we just have to go out there and enjoy things and then take the consequences afterwards. Rest up and reflect on your happy memories of your day outx


We were going to the Sandwell show but it peed it down all day. i love dog shows and so glad that you had a good time.

Hugs sue xx


Hi caninecrazy

I hope that you are well today? That sounds like a wonderful day out, I would have enjoyed that myself especially the birds of prey. The weather sounds like it was good to you also?

Take care

Ken x


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