Fibromyalgia: it's a nerve disorder!

Extremely early morning to you all. (Yes that's right i've been up all night! Woo to pain!)

Anyway, i'm currently in a HUGE flare up and it's been very frustrating for obvious reasons, you all get it. I was giving 'yoga' a go to help my back and shoulders because laying down is not an option for me at the moment. I came across this, it was uploaded a month ago, I thought people should/ would want to check it out.

I promise this isn't a virus, it's one of the most hopeful things I have come across in all of my research of fibro.

Soft hugs and heartfelt love to you all xxx

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  • Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to see this video.....I have only watched it once and need to see again to digest it. I will certainly go to the web site and check out all information. How exciting! Hugs x

  • Thank you for this post, I will have to have a look in more depth later :)

    Only half my reply uploaded!

    I was saying that I am sorry that you are having a major flare and I hope it won't be too long until you come out the other side :)

  • No wonder Everything and Everyone gets on my nerves when I'm having a flare!

    Thanks for the post - it's interesting and proves their still trying to figure out this horrible condition.

  • I think these doctors are defintely on the right track, I have always thought the burning and pain is from stree or trauma and somehow trapped in the body and the childhood abuse issue is recognised here very interesting hope these doctors push forward to get their studies world shared thank you

  • Wow CushMonkey thats fantastic, i have heard of this but these guys explain it very well. I will actually mention it to my doctor when i see her again. I have shared it to facebook & twitter 😀 thanks for sharing

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • Something for me to raise with the doctor, I'm going to have to remember to write everything down as if I have it in writing and may even quote the source it will make my next appointment more valuable for both of us. Thank you for posting this, there is something definitely going on with my feet, but doc checked my foot pulse and said it was good although my toe goes a bluish grey quite often.

  • Funny you should say that, I said to my sister the other day my feet seemed very grey in colour, I thought it was down to the fact i've caught some sort of bug but i'm afraid of feet and don't look at them often enough haha x

  • I don't like feet either, they freak me out.

  • Very interesting, thanks!

  • Very interesting, thanks!

  • Hey so I've suffered for over 30 yrs with chronic pain neck shoulder and back stiffness,all my bloods x-rays MRI scans are clear! They claim I have fibromyalgia I'm on naproxen twice a day baclofen three times a day tramadol as and when for pain. Now I'm getting chronic pain in hips legs esph bad in feet and ankles which now swell up if I stand or walk for more than a hour. I have physically collapsed and passed out from pain yet no one can explain it??? I'm paying for massage and chiropractic treatments swimming etc to keep joints muscles moving but get horrific flare ups still which are very unpredictable.

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