is this normal??

ive had or i should say put myself through a couple of months of really big stress (trying to sort out a mortgage) anyway have had serious probs due to bad credit rating finding out i had fraud on my report sorting that out even down to my lovely daughter taking out credit in my name and not paying it off so muggings here had to settle the bill etc!! thats just a drop in the ocean ! anyway (maon overish!!LOL!) BASICALLY I HAD A WHOLE DAY OF REALLY HEIGHTENED pain so spent the day on the couch and cried for england but today i feel so depressed its untrue i thought id gotten to grips with the crap things that come with fibro but i felt and do feel so angry and fed up today i cant tell you i feel like giving up totally is this just an aftermath???

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  • i am not surprised you are feeling so awful, so much going on then finding out about the credit card , quite a worry that she was able to get one tho . i really hope you get it all sorted soon and have a better day tomorroe, warm hugs x

  • yes so much for security ! lol! i have just woken up and feel a bit better thanku and hugs back to you too :) x

  • hi Fairytails, one fairy to another and i can understand your issues but i will not post on wall.

    it causes much stress and i have a mortgage and having to continue with running work due to issues etc etc.

    you let your stress out as we are here to listen, we can only cry so many tears sometimes but hopefully they will dry out and things will pick up it will just take a little time but i hope you have sorted it best you can..

    hugs to you if you want to cry a river like i do now and again you do it .. hopefully the sun will soon shine for you ..sening you fairy hugs xx

  • thanku :) xx

  • Yes this is the aftermath for sure, you are only human after all. You've had so much to contend with and you dealt with it brilliantly. The problem is that once we've sorted out these dramas it all catches up on us and we pay the price don't we. Don't be too hard on yourself, give yourself as much rest as you can, you will get on top of things again and be able to cope with your Fibro again too.

    We all hit blips and this is one for you, you will rise above it once you are rested and feel a bit more in control again. Remember when we have blips our pain is always heightened because of our emotions etc. As soon as we are calmer everything else settles down again.

    We are all here for you, take care. You will be ok my dear, give yourself a day or two. (((hug))) xxx :)

  • thankyou for ur kind words xx

  • Its normal

  • So sorry that you have been having such a rotten time fairytails. Stress does make most of us feel worse so it is hardly surprising that you have been feeling so poorly as well as so low. Here's hoping that things begin to get better for you and that you are feeling more like facing the world again very soon. We are all here whenever you need us! Jane x

  • thanku jane x

  • This sounds completely normal unfortunately- I used to get worked up about Uni work exams and interviews and the day after couldn't move. Stress is awful with fibro! Hope you feel better soon sweet have a lovely hot bath or shower it always helps me! x

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