how do I send a private message?

I've tried to send a private message to somebody but its just keeps saying add at least one recipiant, I've added the name of the person I'm trying to send it to in the box to the right of the screen but it still says add at least one resipiant?? its driving me nutzzz can someone explain how I send a private message


Irene x

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  • Hi Irene,

    Click on your name, under the subject, where it says asked by nuttytartuk and it will come up with your details, it will say send me a message under your profile pic.... does that make sense lol xx

  • err, I don't think it does does it! Go to whoever you want to send the pm to and do the same thing, click on their name........ sorry, I've just woken up from a nap lol xx

  • haha i'll try and follow your instructions lol

  • Thanks for that Nutty I for one found it very interesting and hopefuly helpful in the long run.Please don`t let a certain person who is so over sensitive to tell or make you think you can`t do something that we might find helpful.

    God above life is not just about aches and pains and medication, it`s also about correct knowledge of these things.

    Thanks again Butterfly xx

  • let me know if you did it - or not - probably not on those instructions! LOL xx

  • just click on photo of who you want to pm it will then take you to their prfile you can then send them a message its listed under there profile photo

  • yes i've dont it, thank you, it was doing my head in lol

  • thats meant to say done it not dont it lol bad brainfog today lol

  • I knew what you meant flower, we all have the same thing so understand each other usually LOL. Glad you did it.

  • Thanks sue, I'm pretty good with computers but that one baffled me, I just couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong lol, anyway its done now, thanks for your help.

    Irene x

  • You're welcome, we got there in the end! LOL :) xxx

  • lol was going to send you instructions but i am not good with things like that and you would not be able to make head nor tail of it but looks like you done so thats good lol love to you diddle x

  • lol i'm a good girl arn't I lol

    Irene x

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