Is it just me or is Fibro so much more challenging in winter?...trying my best to surrender and rest when I can hows everyone else doing? Decided to blog about it regularly if you do too send me your link I love to read when I can xo

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  • Definitely. I'm taking part in a survey which aims to look into this and I' horrified at my own answers :(

  • Are you getting some new insight with the survey for yourself?

  • Yes. There's no main report yet but some interesting insights.

  • The cold isn't doing me much good either :(

  • Ugh its literally a pain x

  • I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I used to adore winter by now dread it as just can't seem to get the old circulation fired up😟x

  • Yeah it really is a zapper! I take so much vitamin D to try compensate for barely ever going outside during the cold wouldn't it be great if we could fire ourselves up with something lol

  • I resorted to a drop to of Brandy the other night and could literally feel it going down the my toes. Unfortunately it went to my head as well,lol.x

  • Winter......cold and damp ..... hate it ...... too much pain! x

  • I think we should all buy the perfect climate island somewhere :) x

  • Sounds a great idea!!! What we would need is the perfect climate for us all.....someone to do all the work like cooking, cleaning and shopping....problem solved!!! xx

  • Oh now you're talking Trikki that's even better xx

  • I find as we head deeper into winter I get worse, does anyone else find this? I think it is just that I use so much energy in November and December dealing with the additional pain and sleepless nights that by January I am literally done in!!! I spend more time in bed or on my sofa than i do upright lol :/ .......... roll on warmer weather, sunny skies and lighter nights

    hugs to everyone xx

  • Sorry to hear that... It is a very stressful time of year too I definitely think I powered through the build up to Christmas and I'm now a puddle. I hope you have a comfy sofa and bed to keep you toasty til the brighter eves appear xxx

  • Yes winter with the cold and snow/ice storms it is harder on everyone not just fibro, it make joints, muscles, arthritis, broken bones hurt worse. so much harder to get around then in the summer. Also storms coming in make us hurt so you are not alone just try to keep your body warm and moving.

    Your fibro/chronic pain friend


  • Thanks Els just back from walking the dog around the park in my Michellin Man jacket lol if I can even get a little walk in I always feel better even just to see my dog chasing the ducks and birds :)

  • I do agree a little walking is better then none. I do some walking if I walk too much then I have leg pains out of this world. I have found this diabetes foot rub at Walgreens that I can rub on my feet,legs and other parts that are hurting and it helps with the crazy nerves. Also I made home made pain cream that helps some too. You just have to find things that helps you too with pain.

  • Yeah the ol walk put me in bed with chills and pain for the day just happy I have another day to rest before work tomorrow:)

  • Funnily enough, up until this year, I've been at my best for the past few years between October - March but this year has been different. The absolute worst thing is the fatigue. I'd much rather cope with aches and pain than fatigue any day.

  • It so is! I remember my specialist asking what would you rather tackle fatigue or pain and I said fatigue too because I figure at least if I had energy I could have the brain power to figure out something else for the pain hasn't happened yet tho:/

  • Not me, my pain gets so bad that I am crippled, my legs and feet twist that I look like I was born all twisted and all I can do is cry from the pain. I live on 2 hours of sleep every day go to work then go home and take care of a 17 month old, 5 year old and a 17 year old who acts like a 8 year old. Just glad I have a partner who trys to help me and two children bless their hearts tryst too. But at this stage the pain is so bad that your hair on your legs,arms etc hurt too so no one can touch you with out it feeling like they just cut you wide open with a knife. So I am sorry but i totaly disagree with you on that one.

  • Yes everyone's so different I can't imagine how you can work and raise kids and a teenager lol you are sounds like you have a great loving support system and that cream you mentioned above sounds like a life saver I usually slather myself in magnesium oil and other concoctions I'd try anything:)

  • I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like having this when you have young children and you are trying to work. Be careful that you don't push yourself too much.

  • Any condition Fibro - arthritis - etc are all affected by the weather during winter because we are cold we tend to tense up so this causes pain - for some summer also affects too as everything swells with the heat. Good luck. 😘😘🤗🤗

  • I used to enjoy dark winter evenings as much as the long summer evenings. There was something unmatchibly beautiful and refreshing about a brisk walk on a winters day

    I now dread winter, and the thing is it doesn't seem to matter how warm you keep the house there is much more to it than cold.


  • I agree I dread winter. I have just come back from gp and back on morphine patches. Waiting to see surgeon about probably spinal surgery. Bummer of a day. So glad of the good company on here. A good evening to you all. Oh full night sleep might be pushing it but here's hoping. Soft hugs to you all xxx

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