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Well i am gonna use my new bus pass today to go into town i thought what a great time to use it with the petrol pumps running dry may as well use the buses petrol and get on/off right near my door.

I am off to get some vit D tablets and some calcium tablets to see if they help with constipation(sorry bit early in morning for that info)

anyway after that i am coming home to call up our local dial centre to make an appointment to help fill in the DLA form i am going for it my GP yesterday said i should apply so i am the worst that can happen is they will say no so that all done i am hopefully gonna sit in the garden with my kindle and do some reading and that is my day

only trouble is i have no idea what no bus to get or what times they go or how often so 1st thing is call my bus company and get some times lol

love to you all Diddle x

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Morning Diddle, I don't blame you for using the buses - wish I could!!!

Regarding the constipation (I have suffered for years), I was recently given Laxido by my doctor (it's a sachet which tastes like salty orange) which you mix with a small amount of water and drink. I think it works amazingly well. I have tried everything over the years and this is the first thing that has actually worked consistently without giving stomach cramps. I thoroughly recommend them.

gentle hugs xx


yes got that last week but not really gave it chance will give it a go in next few days love to you diddle x


have a nice adventure on the bus, bless ya. have a gd day chat soon lou x


hi i went in car in end too cold here today to stand for bus to come as they normally late so i been told lol so my bus ride will have to wait for another day but phoned up today to get all the times and bus numbers lol so wont be long before i am bobbing about along the lowestoft roads (hope i get the back seat especially overe theroad humps) i will be black and blue time i am done , well i bid you a good evening i am now having a hot bath ansd sit on sofa love to you my dear little friend diddle x


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