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Budget day !!!

So anyone on here any better off, did the budget help you , certainly didn't help me, single female aged 60 (no pension till im 66), I don't drink but I do like a cigarette now and then, im not a heavy smoker, cant afford them now though, cant get heating allowance, or bus pass etc, cos yayyyy for once I am not old enough ha, will I vote for them, not on your life, mind you , I don't like any of the others either, they are all as bad as each other, more for the rich ,,,,,,again.

Have a good day all x

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I have no faith in any of them. If I began telling this forum what I think of the tax/VAT system, minimum wage, tax credits etc I'd be here all day.


Ridiculous isn't it , and then I see a story about a woman with 12 kids getting 36k a year and a husband who works, who goes on to say she will keep having them so she can claim more, makes my blood boil, have a good day smellydunlin, nice name lol.


Yes, I agree. There are a few around here like that - women who just have kids as a 'career' to claim benefits. I have no problem with people claiming benefits who truly need them. I also don't have a problem with working people claiming benefits - although employers in my opinion should be paying them a decent enough wage that they don't have to claim - but that's a whole different argument - living wage etc.

SmellyDunlin is a leftover from when I was on the Couch25K community - i.e. when I was actually fit and a runner. And now I can just about walk to the shop and back. I can't claim anything - I work part-time but I also get my late husband's pension which I'm very grateful for but its hardly megabucks.... it's ironic that he paid tax all his working life and now I'm paying tax again on it and it stops me getting anything. Ah well - onwards and upwards.


I feel your pain; i will not be voting for them either.



Hi angelm I am in the same boat as you. Don't get my pension till I'm 66. They haven't done is any favours and I hope they don't get in next time. But who can we trust. I just hope who ever gets in starts looking after the sick disabled oaps ect. Hope you are well take care x


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