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I have been to memory clinic

i went to memory clinic on Monday and they are sending me for an MRI on my brain, they are also going to do more investigations, so they can hopefully help.

I also have recieved a CPAP machine from sleep clinic and i am having a better quality sleep, but i still wake up just as much. They found out that when i sleep my heart heart and oxygen levels drop, which is not good, so i went and stayed the night and now, as i said it feels like i have slept

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glad you are getting something done.. it does feel nice to sleep occasionally and feel like you have slept! xxx :)


glad things are improving for you, Ive never heard of a memory clinic


if you snore i would suggest going to your doctor and tell him. I would ask your doctor about memory clinic, they are trying to help me as much as poss. its silly really my doctor will not send me to a rheumatologist to be diagnosed with FMS, all he says is that ME and FMS cross over. well they never did much when i was diagnosed with ME. I don't think my doctor is one that believes in ME, CFS, or FMS.

but sleep is nice, just got to manage to sleep all night


Hi secretldy,

I have never heard of a memory clinic.

Its good you are getting help though, I do snore and wake myself up with weird noises but i have put so much weight on, me and my partner think it is that.

Sorry you doc doesnt believe in fibro, it is your right to ask to be refferd.

I have just seen a immunologist which has helped me loads, you could always ask to see one to rule out other things like ME etc... Its amazing the diagnosis he has come up with me, and he has sent to a pain clinic which i am going on the 12th april.

take care, kel xxxx


i have been sentn to the ME clinic about 9 years ago now, but it did no good, it was as if they said this is what you have get on with it. I have had another doctor tell me that i do have the pain points associated with FMS, and he said it would be best to find out the primary factor, so i will gfo back to the doctors and try again

Jazher glad to hear you are getting help as well. with the putting on weight, it could make things worse as you could have obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, which is when the muscles at the back of your throat relax and close your airway.



hi glad you are sorting spmething out hope they help love diddle x


Ive not heard of the memory clinic either.I WANA GO,lol.My memory is getting really bad.not just for doing things or "what did I go to that room for?", I cant remember words.between brain and mouth, words get lost somewhere.its very irritating and worrying. Also, its been years since i woke up feeling as if ive slept. I go around in an absolute daze all the time.I dont feel "real".


it is good at memory clinic, they ask you questions that tell them if the persons memory is not good, and they can also tell you what parts your memory struggles more. they want me to go for a MRI scan, and also go to a clinical psychologist to do some more tests. I told the doctr there that i have no faith in my doctor, and he said "well i hope you feel like you have faith in us, as we will try and find out everything for you" which made me feel good. the only thing i will share with you from the test is that the doctor asked me to name as many things as possible begining with p in 2 minutes. i was going really well, i was saying a lot of words, then i stiopped to try and think and the word parrot came to mind, but when i said it. it came out as carrot and the 2 doctors and my daughter just stopped and looked at me. i was possitive i said parrot, but no one else


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