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Does anyone else have I.B.S. with Fibro?


I read somewhere in my research that IBS (Irritable Bowel) is often common with Fibro, and I'm definitely suffering, some days worse than others. It's quite embarrassing as well as being inconvenient :) any feedback would be very welcome, I'm seeing my GP on Monday and aiming to discuss it then. MANY THANKS! :O)

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Hi bikerchick,

That was me many years ago!! Lived in Cheshunt then.

So, yes, I've got IBS. As you say, it's so flippin inconvenient. There were times when I just couldn't leave the house 'just in case' I'm having a bit of a problem with it at the moment too. Luckily I work from home.

Have you been diagnosed? I used to get tablets - over the counter - for it and they always asked if I'd been diagnosed. All you can do really is speak to your doctor on Monday and ask him/her how best to deal with it.

Sorry, not much help.



i started suffering from this 2 yrs ago, at its worse I was frequently voiding, with one relapsed 7 months, I was opening my bowels every few minute day and night, the stools werent soft either so you can imagine the pain I was in, its only now Im getting any help, at the moment I suffer either constipation or runs, I even soiled the bathroom floor the other day, in front of my 13yr old

Thank you Sue, I haven't been diagnosed but I will discuss with gp. I think I have it, and am trying to avoid certain foods which I know make it worse, especially things I shouldn't be eating anyway (fast foods esp McD, fried/fatty foods, mayonnaise, cream, etc) With that and the Fibro symptoms I feel like I have been very rudely thrown into another world at the moment, just trying to get used to it all and come up with some good coping mechanisms. Thanks for your comment and take care xx

Lally I'm sorry to hear that, one extreme or the other seems to be the norm with IBS. It's really embarrassing :( You say you are getting help, does that mean medication? I'm curious to know what they can give you for this condition. Take care, hope life gets better soon xxx


I havent been given any meds yet, been refered to incontinance clinic in may, just started to see new gp, so hopefully she can sort it

Big hugs to you! I have the worst form of IBS inflammatory bowel syndrome, and hate it. I have been diagnosed by a specialist, and although not pleasant was a relief to know what it was. I am on a couple of meds for it (along with my other stuff) and find the best one is mebeverine. Though your doctors should be able to help when it comes to meds. I find certain foods set me of too, though since converting to being veggie I'm much better.

Hope the docs can help!

Thank you everyone, all info really helps and it's oddly reassuring to know that these symptoms do appear to have an explanation, even if not pleasant! I will chat to gp and see what he says, now that he's identified Fibro (and not sent me packing, thinking I am making it all up) then I think he'll be prepared to listen a bit more sympathetically. Love to all xxxx

yes, and its awful. If I have a fright or any sort of stress i have a bad does of IBS....... sad life..

Yes, I have IBS too and my doctor gave me Buscopan. My main symptoms are bloating, pain and extreme flatulence, as well as constipation. When I am having a very bad day my stomach increases by 4 inches (I knew I'd expanded a lot one day and got out the tape measure to see lol!) I frequently feel absolutely dreadful with it, especially if I've given in to my sugar cravings. The Buscopan did help to begin with, but lately is not helping as much at all. I hope you find something that helps you.

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Hiya, AuroraA... My daughter and I suffer in much the same way that you do. I have gone gluten and starch-free, and it has helped A LOT. My daughter, who is 15, refuses to give up glutens, and so she is having a horrible time of it. Do you have any suggestions for things that you have found to work for you? Her situation has gotten so bad, that I have had to schedule her twice to have a "hospital clean-out"- NOT pleasant! I really hope that we can all find relief, soon... Warm hugs to you!

To be honest Andrea I gave up everything it said in the book to do so. For me it made no differents whatsoever - for others maybe it does. So have carried on normally eating. Although there is one thing I do eat fruit - when it is hard to go find Pork meet does the job lol for me. It is a case of finding our own way through it sadly. Does she like yoghurt one of those daily is good does not cure but helps the system

Hi, I have suffered from IBS for years and long before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I was advised to try lots of different diets inc. more fibre etc. but found they made me worse. As a last resort I was given a wheat free diet to try and within a few months my IBS was a whole lot better. Its worth a try if you havn't already tried it but I know its all trial and error and what works for one person doesn't work for another. Lots of the supermarkets now sell "free from" products which you may find helpful. The other thing I have discovered is eating the skins on certain foods like apple and tomato may agravate the IBS. If I have a flare up now the first thing I cut out is wheat products. Hope this helps x

Oh dear yes it comes as fast as it makes its mind up to go - not good when socializing at all. I always make sure I have IMMODIUM IN BAG OR HOUSE if it is the worse side of IBS. Where you cannot get to the toilet in time or just manage to get their.

HI, yes i get IBS with my fibro , for bad pain i take peppermint capsules , charcoal capsules, i also take colofac , loperarmide when needed.hope you get some answers at the doctors .

I get bouts of it but Ive never been diagnosed. I make sure I have plenty of fibre and water in my diet if I get an attack. If I get constipated I massage my tummy in a clockwise direction which helps move everything along.

Thank you everyone :) always good to share, I thought it was just me. I'm trying to avoid certain foods but it's not conclusive so far, will have a chat with gp. As long as I don't have to swap places with my dog and "go" in the park (or wherever) and he have to clear up after ME it's all good!! Have a lovely sunny day everyone xxx

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LOL that is so funny you really have jus given me a good belly laugh with that comment ha ha i have just taken my doggy out for rfive mins and done the usual pick up ( i am a good owner!) but i just imagined the other way round lol how funny my little dog standing there armed with his poo bag :) :) oh dear i cannot stop laughing i may be in agony but you jus made my day , i too have jus been told i prob got ibs and my doctor gave me peppermint capsules i have 2 3x a day so will see what happens another tablet another thing to add to the list of fibro lol have a good day love to you diddle x

Have had IBS fro about 28 years have had meds on and off Cemetidine mebeverine the colpermin were awful as seem to burn my butt they say eat a lot of fibre hah not always good as in one end and out tother! tried a wheat free diet didn't make a difference sadly, think you need to just try and see what works for you STRESS is a huge trigger for me. And Aurora A I sympathise with the bloated tummy mine can go up in 4+ inches too so have to have different size clothes for this so annoying Ruby x

i too have ibs and fibro diagnosed with ibs first. im now discovering that i may have a food intorelence as well. i find drinking plenty of fluid and a daily cup of pepermint tea helps

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