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Anyone else with Fibro have Raynaud's?


There is a possibility I have raynauds disease too just wondering if it is common with people with Fibro :)

My hand and feet are constatly freezing to touch, I get alot of pins and needles in them and they can go for days being blue and no matter how much I wrap them up they dont get any colour back into them ? x

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Hi mrs otter,

I think i have raynauds but have never had it confirmed. My feet are always cold but if i dont wear slippers the pain is unbelievable, they are always a purpley blue colour too. My hands are cold most of the time but its my right one that gets freezing especially when typing on the laptop.

I have constant pins and needles in my feet and hands, but i ddnt think that was a symptom of that.

hugs, kel xxxxx

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Thanks and its is my mums friend who has raynauds that says she thinks I have it :)

you can have many conditions whether you have Fibro,but yes your hands and feet are cold and the nails on your hands will split,and its best to keep them filled low and ask doctor for DIPROBASE on prescription its very good for all over skin especially on the hands,

lavender xx

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Thank you :) x

Hi MrsOtter,yes I have reynouds syndrome and I know what you mean about not getting warm.

It`s a hateful thing but make sure when your hands and feet (as I have)are cold you don`t try to warm them up by using hot water or putting them on radiators.

Get yourself some good thermal socks and gloves,I need mine even in the summer as in the evening it gets cooler.

I also keep gloves in my bag and put them on in the freezer section of shops.Must say I don`t linger in that area.And I get strange looks.

Another trick I`ve found is if I put fingerless gloves on before my hands get too cold then I can type for a while.

Worth talking to your doctor about as there is a drug called nefepidine which is helpfull.

And a big must if you do is DO NOT SMOKE as that restricts blood to exstremities even more.

Hugs Butterfly xxxxx

Thank you and I talked to my doctor about it today but he said there os no point in putting me on tablets for ot because they domt really work i just need to keepy hands and feet warm which is hard when they are turning purple even when im sat at home with socka and slippers on :) x

hi there, i have raynauds, confirmed before the fibro, am always cold, blue / purple toes, sit and cry with pain sometimes, i take nifedipine and always wear socks, its a standing joke i never take my vest off till august then only for a couple of days, my big toe nails have gone a funny colour too, hate wearing sandals, people always mention nmy blue toes , xxxxxxxx

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Yeah i have started wearing socks now i never use to wear them because i lived in pumps but my feet get far too cold in themm x

I have Raynauds and fibro and as a few others have said you can have both, and they are both a pain on more ways than one xx

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Yeah it sucks :) x

I also have fibro and was diagnosed with raynauds phenomenon (secondary) two years ago.. I also have asthma, fatigue, large joint pain plus I'm speech and hearing impaired from cerebral palsy at birth.. I have to use a power wheelchair to move around plus a need to use a communication unit to talk for me, as I can't speak very well..

Raynauds is the coldest illness I could ever imagine so be very careful not to cut your fingertips, stub your toes or get any ingrown nails.. My fingers are always purple and frozen to touch, so I always wear thermal glover inside ski gloves and in our cold winters, I also wear fur-skin mitts.. Mitts are warmer than gloves but they are awkward to use your fingers while wearing them..

My feet and toes are frozen to the bone and numb all year plus they are almost white in colour, as they have very bad circulation.. I always wear Marnio woolly socks, then another pair of think woollen socks plus fur-skin booties and calf length heavy thick sheepskin boots all year round, as this will help to protect them and might keep in any warmth.. If my feet get wet, I need to soak them in really warm water to warm them up again but never in hot water as they can get burnt easily, as they are so numb.. I like a nice long bath before I go to bed as this will warm me up for most of the night but I still wear my Marino socks and my fur-skin booties to bed and a pair of fur-skin mitts to help keep my fingers warmer.. An electric blanket will help keep you warm and all my blankets are woollen to keep in warm in bed, plus I wear a woolly hat to bed too..

Strangely, my lips also have raynauds and they keep pealing so I need to put on zinc cream after eating and I use a straw to brink with, so I don't burn them.. In the cold winter I rap a scarf over my face to protect my lips and nose, plus I also wear a woolly hat over my ears to protect them as they go numb with cold, so I may have raynauds in my nose and ears as well..

Emotions can also make my raynauds worse and especial if I cry.. It pays to have a check with your Dr. every three months and even more in the winters, just to be safe.. I eat a well balanced diet, get plenty of sleep, don't smoke, I exercise weekly and meditate most days... These all help my raynauds and helps with depression as well too..

Please be careful and try and look on the positive side of life as it helps fight off depression plus it can keep you a lot more healthier when living with raynauds..:)

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