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Does anyone with fibro have an itchy head?

I've had fibro for 30+ years, in the past 4 months I've had an intermittent itchy head! When it comes on it drives me absolutely crackers. It is so itchy, not just in one place but all over. I've made my skin sore with scratching. Was just wondering if it might be another symptom of the fibro. I'm seeing a doc soon anyway, last one I saw was useless. Was just wondering anyhow. .. Thanks for any ideas.

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Morning Turtlesmum,

I think there are quite a lot of us who suffer with itching - the head is one of the easiest places to scratch and consequently make sore. I rotate my shampoos so it helps keep my hair looking happy. I only use Head and shoulders for the itch bit. You do sound as if you have scratched beyond that point so the Doc will help I hope.

Please come on and tell us how you got on Good luck



I had same problem and gp gave me tablets which stopped it, it was drivingme insane at time.


I'm the same! As gins said I rotate my shampoos between 2 which is head and shoulders and my favourite which is the ginger shampoo from body shop it's £6 a bottle but I find it really helps xx


Hi turtlesmum70

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not suffer with this problem, but I have pasted a link to the NHS Choices website below, for itching:


I genuinely hope that you find this useful.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Just to say does your shampoo have a substance called Methylchloroisothiazolinone/Methylisothiazolinone? It is a newish additive that it causing a lot of irritation and other skin problems. My mother had terrible itching until she found toiletries that don't contain it. It is banned in some countries but not in Europe and dermatologists are trying to get it banned here. Hope this helps. Most shampoos do contain it now, so you have to read the small print but you can find shampoos and conditioners without it.


See Warning over 'epidemic’ of skin allergies from chemical in cosmetics and household products - google it.


hey turtlesmum 70

I too get itchy head, especially at night. As I have psoriasis I thought it was because of that, Recently I have had an itchy upper arm which has been driving me crazy. Could it be due to all the meds I take? Who knows just something to add to the evergrowing list.


Hi, the meds don't help with the itch, I think they cause it most of the time. There are some shampoos which dont contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is a known irritant and in most shampoos which makes them lather. There are some non lather shampoos available on prescription, Dermax is one. Head and shoulders can be very drying on the scalp which you need to keep as moist as possible, and hairdryers don't help either. Do a web search for non-sls shampoos, there are loads out there, some in supermarkets. If they are expensive its usually because you need very little, then as everyone says, alternate them with a different one. Should help but see your gp if not. All part of the lovely Fibromyalgia I'm afraid.

Have a scratch free day, hugs Lynn x


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