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Pip going to tribunal so stressed


Hi all hope all doing good can't believe it waiting on tribunal date was assessed by a nurse who could not spell lupus all through the paper work he spelt it loo_pus what a joke my o.t was raging so gave me a letter of support along with my doctor so here's hoping just takes a lot out of you wish they could have our body for a day and then make a assessment they soon change there attitude my o.t even wrote on the letter how disgraceful that I was ass3seed by a nurse who could not spell the word so how can he assess something he doesn't know anything about keep all informed of my date hope it's soon tc all keep chins up we keep up the fight

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Sorry I have fibro aswell as a few other illnesses

Good luck with everything.x


That's a fantastic worker you have there,it is a disgrace not even knowing condition or they would've spelt it right or one letter wrong but how she spelt it shows she new nothing and shouldn't of been assessing anyone with no knowledge of lupus. Sounds to me clear cut,and judge will see that to.best of luck!keep us updated as you've said you will.

Hi hun what a disgrace a medical person who could not spell the words related to conditions. Wish you the best of luck at your Appeal please do not go on your own you need some representation with you to fight your corner with you xx

I have just found this site aswell. I have been through what you are going through. I am on my 3rd appeal. There is benefits advice on here. And fightback4justice@live.co have helped me in the past and are helping me now.

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