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Loss of hearing

Has any other Fibro sufferers, suffered from hearing loss ??

I Had no problems with my hearing up until about 8 months ago things started sounding fuzzy and my partner was having to repeat himself 2-3 times.

Doctor said my ears were clean and clear, next stop Audiologist.... she said my hearing was poor in both ears and i needed hearing aids in both.

I did read an article on Fibro that said the hearing could be affected and quite badly too.

Fibromyalgia really has a lot to answer for !

Big hugs to you all from the very North of Scotland xxx

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yes but i havent told any one lol only yu , i used to be called dumbo by my family not in a nasty way but because i could hear so well everything in fact from a long distance hence the name but i have noticed that i often miss what people are saying and it is awful so perhaps i should get checked out love toyou diddle x


Best to do that Diddle as its horrible not being able to hear what people are saying or worse miss understanding what they say lol....

Another BIG problem i am having at the moment apart from all the pain is my hair is falling out by the hand full..... It was really long down my back and really thick...... now, really thin and short..... just waiting for a fitting for my wigs.

Consultant said in clinic that i have " Premature Female Balding".... I am 48 He wrote me a prescription for a wig, I think i can have 4 of my choice... We have to travel to Inverness for those which is a 5 hour round trip in a car.

I think i might go for a long purple one.....???


Hi Fiona,

I think i need to mention my ears to the doctor as i have to lip read and i really cant work out what they are saying if i cant. Also i am useless on the phone i am constantly saying what did you say, can you repeat that.

The only thing that confuses me is that i have trouble hearing and yet i cant stand any noise, like tv or kids shouting or back round noise in a pub etc...

S orry to hear about your hair, mine started falling out last year but has now stopped and it has got thinner but i dont think anyone can tell.

I think the purple one would be so cool lol. :)

kel xxx


Hi Fiona,

Oh my word yes but I thought it was just me, I was thinking of getting a hearing test but I am only 45 and thought maybe it was just me being a bit thick & unattentive lol I keep saying "pardon" and "sorry, could you repeat that" or even worse - not realising people have spoken to me, it can get quite embarrassing !

The more that is going on around me the worse it gets too just as jazher mentioned.

I have noticed it getting worse over the last year or so but never associated it with fibro, after reading your post I am wondering if fibro could be the cause !


This was the article i read about the hair loss....

hope it interests you too and maybe answers a few questions xxx


Yes, I have two hearing aids (well, just ONE right now because I washed the other in a pocket after I took it out to answer the phone. :-( Took some getting used to at first but am OK with them now


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