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How to Stop from Hearing yourself Hurt

I put my music as loud as I can stand it and it really helps from hearing myself hurt. Makes me dance a little and revert from the concentration on the pain. The nausea keeps me home and mostly in bed. It quits for awhile and I run out and do what I can. I have been given every test imaginable to find out the cause of the nausea and NOTHING. So again, why not, FIBRO.

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oh i envy you i always had music on in the kitchen. But since fibro took over i just cant stand noise of any sort. I often feel that it is now far too quiet in there now.

Sue xx


I couldn't stand noise either, but when I put the music real loud it really makes me feel better because I can't hear all those voices in my head and I love it. Love and blessings, Josana



I have very bad nausea (but not all of the time) and my GP said that she thought it was as a result of chronic pain! I have to agree with her as well, as I only ever get nauseous when I have a Fibro Flare or a Migraine and of course both are pain!

Take care

Ken x


My husband makes me fresh hot ginger tea and it really helps. I drink it all the time. It has cut down on my nausea. At least I can walk without throwing up. I know that it is definitely pain related because the pain is so intense. None of the prescription nausea meds work on ly the ginger tea. Love and Blessings, JoSana


I hope you've spoken with your GP about the nausea Josana, there are many good anti emetics out there which should be available to you for help. You shouldn't have to go through this.

Foggy x


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