Blurred Vision & balance issues.

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this as this week I have been really worried about the symptoms that I have been having and wondered whether they relate to fibro.

It started with the usual tiredness and trying to push through it as we all do who have this fibro to contend with. I came out of the supermarket last week & thought that I was going to black out and it took me all my time to shake it off, I didn't get the sweats and spots before my eyes as is usually a warning of a faint coming on. Since then I have felt very unbalanced when out and about and that very same evening I was absolutely wiped out and could not even muster the energy to speak to anyone - I felt that ill. The next day I was still a little lightheaded off balance & am now staring to feel a little better slowly. I wondered whether it could be to do with the fact that I used to have full blow Menier's Disease with the sickness vertigo, hearing loss and balance problems although I have not had that for years. I have just got a hearing aid at 54 cos it has damaged my hearing, perhaps that could have had an impact on how i feel?

I feel that I don't want to keep going to the doctors as I feel that I am already labelled as a Hypochondriac - I know its stupid, but over the last years I have had so many health issues with having Hashimoto's and High BP + high Cholesterol etc etc. At one point I was having infection after infection with my sinuses and chest when they said I had asthma, but that was before I got medication for my thyroid. I hope you can help me shed some light on what these symptoms are as it is all getting me so down.

Many thanks again


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  • Hi,

    I have hearing problems which can affect my balance. I also have balance problems because of the Fibro. My advice would be to check with your GP just to make sure.



  • I have heard that quite a few people with fibro have problems with balance and also medication especially fg you have had it quite recently can cause the body to be out of tune until it gets used to it. Several freinds have also said that when they first had a hearing aid they felt a bit disorientated and unsteady as they were hearing sounds differently. As you have had problems with Menier's before that could also eb something to look into. When I get very tired with fibro I must admit I could trip over anything and feel as though if I make a quick turn I could become unbalanced. If you carry on feeling like this I would certainly have a word with your gP. Hope it clears up soonx

  • Thankyou rosewine what you say makes sense although was not wearing hearing aid at the time & no new medication x

  • Hi Castlepoint

    I'd guess it was more likely linked to your Hashis than the fibro, in fact Hashis could be the cause of your fibro.

  • I don't know if this will be at all helpful to you. I have had vertigo, imbalance, photo sensitivity . . . usually this has been associated with a migraine though.

    But I have had the off-balance for days at a time, without migraine symptoms. Then it mysteriously goes away - like our good days/bad days I suppose.

    There was another issue I considered. I can't take Naprosyn which really helped my pain when used with Vicodin - can't take Naprosyn for effect on kidneys now. My GP won't give me enough Vicodin, so I was taking Tylenol. I had a really bad day, took three Vicodin (has tylenol in it) throughout the day, and extra strength tylenol, two each time about 3 times. I started feeling ill and went to sleep; the next day I had those awful symptoms of migraine plus double vision, worse than I had ever had. These went on for 2 days but better the second.

    I was able to get an appointment with GP. He thought maybe dehydration or migraine. But I still think I overdosed on acetaminophin, which brought on an awful migraine with more symptoms than I ever had. The doc didn’t think so, but we /our bodies often know better than anyone what is going on.

    I hope you soon discover what is making you so ill. Trust your body to tell you what else might be happening along with these symptoms. But if there’s no answer there, I wish you find out what it is and get to feeling well again. Soon I hope.


  • Thankyou Claire, it sounds like you have had difficult times take care too & let's hope that these things will stop as quick as they came lol!

  • I'm with the crowd lol......any symptoms that worry you and that aren't The Usual or things that worry you, get checked out with the gp xxx

    Last year out of nowhere I just ended up on the floor, lips tingling, heart beating really fast and I hadn't really been doing anything more than trying to wash up.... because hubby poked me about it we made an appt with the doc who tut tutted at me and said I really should Have called an ambulance at time Just In Case and sent me for a heart trace...In a week (a week? Lol) anyway. ...heart seemed fine so he said ah Just The Fibro Then....but he said anything out of the blue like that I really should worry about

    So I'll be watching here with my beady Lil fogginut eye for an update :) hope that made sense and was even a tiny bit useful.....It made all kinds of sense in my head. Honest ;)


  • Thankyou that is really nice of you - I think I will go & see my GP like you suggested just to make me feel re -assured.

  • ...and I'm also with you about 'bothering' doctors. ..There are only so many times over years and years you can go to docs and be told You Are Doing The Right Things But No I Haven't Got A Clue How To Help You.....without starting to become a little disillusioned as you get told nowt new and you have to spend a week in bed recovering from the nothing lol ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Hi Castlepoint

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this? It must be very frightening and disorientating when this happens and obviously that can make you feel even worse, or make your Fibro worse?

    I am so sorry, but I am with everyone else on this, it really needs to be checked out by a doctor. If you are unsure about visiting your GP again, why not pop into your nearest Walk-In Centre? As they will be able to help and advise?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    all my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken x

  • This is what jumped out at me from your post - "trying to push through it as we all do who have this fibro". Warning bells, klaxons and sirens went off in my head, and I wanted to shout NO, don't do that! I can say this with authority because I was exactly the same, and eventually I was always ill, and I was just trying too hard not to let this illness beat me, trying too hard to hold down the job of my dreams, just trying too hard. It took my GP to tell me I had to stop (I had pneumonia at the time) and she was right. Unfortunately I was never the same again - I had just pushed it too far - but some years later I have arrived at an understanding of where the balance is to be found. I can't work any more - I pushed that too far as well. What I'm trying to say rather long windedly is ... please DON'T. Nothing is worth your health, and your body is giving you loud messages to STOP.

  • Thankyou Artyrosie

    Your advice is really what I needed to hear, I had been made redundant from my job then spent a year in a dead end job that kept promising me it would get better - when things just snapped I lost my ex mothering law (separated)whom I had known for 35 years to cancer, I lost my 13 year old dog and I just spiralled down.The company I worked for owed me money so I was not going back. After six months on the sick I decided I would try and start something working for myself & now I work in the community doing art projects with dementia, mental health, children and carer's. So I am really busy but it is a good busy as it helps me to enjoy life and meet people. I think I have just been trying too hard to be "normal" like you say & I need to try to pace myself & not take too much on. But thank you so much for your kind words of advice.


  • Since being diagnosed with fibro, I've found it increasingly difficult to use shops as I often have fainting episodes....I've realised that it's something to do with the artificial lighting in the shops. The big supermarkets seem to affect me the you experienced your dizziness and lightheadedness as you came out of the supermarket, I wondered if it could have been the lighting that affected you too? I have to do most of my shopping online now, which is really annoying.

  • Thankyou Dianne, yes that could be the case! I have had issues before - driving in the autumn sunshine through the trees makes me feel disorientated & unbalanced. I cannot have energy saving bulbs in my house as they make me feel wierd. At my last job it was really difficult for me. Perhaps that is what it is! Had eye test bu didn't like the opticians - so will be sorting another one out this week, I have a short sighted eye and a longsightedness eye & all the time they are fighting with each other lol! I think that is what is giving me migraine like eye pain. But thankyou so much for your response and I hope that you are coping too! X


  • Many years ago I was in a shop where a fluorescent light was flashing and got these symptoms, though not as strong. I stay away from them when they're faulty now. I'd forgotten until I read the posts before.

    Hope you're feeling better now though? Do get checked out.

    Soft hugs

  • Thankyou Sarah

    Yes I think light is particularly relevant as if things are too bright it makes my eyes hurt. My mum has epilepsy through having a stroke and I know that flashing lights are awful for her & it feels bad for me too! My mum is 91 & is now blind but I am sure that she has had fibro all her life & she has had Hashimoto's

    Take care


  • Hi... How did you deal with Dry eyes ?? as you mentioned one of your old posts !

    I am having dry eyes and pain near tear duct of right eye ...headache , sleepy . tiredness.

  • Hi samopito,

    I have tried various drops but the best for me are the ones with no preservative in that I asked the doctor for. The optician I go to recommended the preservative free ones as she thought them better. They come in individual vials for each day, I think they are more expensive so that's why you won't get them unless you ask. I hope that is helpful for you - my eyes are worse in winter when the heating is on.

    Take care


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