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why did i do that

took the dog for a small walk around the block yesterday hubby had his mate around playing on playstation dog was in kitchen minding his own i got bored so decided to cheer the dog up and take him out i got half way down the street and pain struck again i didnt listen and pushed myself to take the dog all the way i ad my stick i thought so i wont fall no i didnt fall i was right but i ended up with next to no sleep and im pain to the point ive stayed in bed


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none of do sarah! trouble is we get foggy and forget lol


I'm exactly the same hun we Don't learn at all!!!


i will i can bet i push myself tomorrow cos i want to go up to my mums


Oh i am just the same, bless ya, Rest up and i hope you have a better night.

Lou x


Oh dear but you made te effort and the dig prob liked it lol love to you hope you better now love diddle x


I do feel for you. I don't have panic attacks currently though I did in the past, but I cannot walk very far without pain. Every now and then I get cross at not being able to do anything and push myself. Then I get stuck. So if I had tried to walk the dog around the block, a walk that used to take about 15 mins or less would either be a complete failure and leave me stuck, hopefully with a mobile to ring for help, or it would take me an hour or more if I did not turn back.

So I commend you for being so brave and completing your walk even if you did pay for it. Well done! However, next time, take your mobile. :)

Soft hugs


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