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fed up not knowing

hi all me again youll be sick of me soon

im getting fed up not knowing what is going to happen i recently have been unsteady on me feet to the point ive had a fall the doctor signed me off work for two week and told me it was due to my fibro :( all i want to know is will this new development get better or will it just get worse till i end up with a stick or in a chair fibro is all i have or so they say i know i keep going on but i just want answers that im betting i wont get till it happens

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Hi sarah,

Sorry, but somethings i have never had answers for and it is so scarey when something new pops up.

I have plenty of falls, i think it is due to me trying to rush about when my body just cant, i dont know if thats your case hun.

Not everyone has sticks and are in wheelchairs hun.

take care kel xxx


Hi dont be silly no one will get fed up of you its fine we all want to know stuff, well i must say i am same as you i stumble and fall sometimes and i have got a stick that i use on occasions, but MY GP and this is only her opinion , it may not be yours or anyone elses so dont take it as the only scenario she has told me hat my fibro is a permanent condition and she very much doubts it will get better but i could stay the same for years and nevr end up in a wheelchair, in fact she has never mentioned a wheel chair, but she jus says she thinkds i will always have fibro but cant say how iwill end up no one can, but that is purely her take on it there may be someone on here who is geting better from there symptons i dont know but i find the best thing to do is jus take a day at a time not get too tied up in what if and maybe s just do what you can when you can and see what happens love to you Diddle x


I go through stages of falling, find it difficult walking on uneven ground and get dizzy if I turn quickly which makes the risk of falling worse. I think fibro is very unpredictable and symptoms come and go so it is difficult to predict how you are and when things are going to happen. When a flare up happens it feels as though you are big hit from all angles x


I had quite a bad fall a few weeks ago, and am still in agony from it. I had the 2 eldest grandkids sleeping over (school half-term) and they won't go upstairs to sleep, they like to have a 'sleepover with Nannan', so I have a single matress on the floor for the girl, and I sleep on one settee and grandson on the other.

I goit up to go to the loo middle of night, tripped over the corner of the mattress, manage somehow to manouvre myself in mid-flight so I wouldn't fall on Anya, and went chest first into the corner of my photo display table, breaking two of the picture frames!!!

I was so upset about breaking those pics, I have my kids/grandkids pics on this table. Neither of the kids woke up, and we were having a trip out the following day, so I really pushed myself to get through the pain, and we had a lovely day, but due to me having a bad chest condition COPD, because it was painful ro breathe/cough etc. I developed a bad chest infection and ended up in hospital (again)

I still have pain right on the spot I hit the table with.


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