Painful skin - even my underwear hurts

I've been having terrible trouble recently wearing my bra's as they seem to irritate me (not leaving any red marks - it's just the feel of them). So thought I would try those new material (sports like) bras that have been advertised on the television.

They come in a pack of 3 and are £39.95 which I thought was quite expensive, that was until I put one on, I have now ordered 6 more. They are so comfortable, its like my body is being gently hugged.

So one less thing to irritate me. :-)

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  • I've had a problem with that, where the bra goes across my back, it hurts and the woman who does this Emmett thingy on me said it was the muscles with me, they were very tight around that area.

    Might have to try the ones you've got. :)

  • It's awful isn't it.

    The bra's that I've got are called the Genie bra, they have a promotion on-line at the moment where you buy 1 full set and get the 2nd set half price, I like them that much that I have just ordered another 2 sets!!

    If you do try them, hope they help.

    Gentle hugs xx :-)

  • Do they do them for the larger boobies though :)

    Just noticed, you're not far from me........... xxx

  • Must be the Ahh Bra? I got some off Ebay I wear them to bed they are soooo comfy The bra's on tv were £59.99 don't think so!! don't think they would be surpotive enough for my liking to do sports but still love it as they dont dig in and no horrible wires! Ruby xx

  • Nope they are the Genie bra, well worth the money - apparently if you double these bras up they work as a sports bra!!! As I don't have enough energy to get through the day, let alone do any sport, I won't have to try that out!!! :-)

    I think they are amazing - perfect thing for us fibro sufferers

  • ooh i have that problems too, may have to get some of those too. X X

  • They are called the Genie Bra and you can either order on line or get them out of boots. They are fantastic, very supportive and also have the extra padded area for more comfort and support, which I like. The cheaper version did not have that.

  • Do you know how big they come, as i am shall we say a large chested lady ?? xx

  • sorry, no I don't, but they don't come in bra sizes, they come in dress sizes (if that helps). Have a look on their web site, it will tell you.

    hope this helps xx

  • What are they???? Another sufferer over here.....

  • They are the answer to fibro sufferers needs!!! lol

    They are called the Genie Bra - please see above comments xx

  • most of them go up to a 40/2 and i am 42 dd but find them a bit tight round the chest. i would have loved to have them but not quite big enough. i bought some wire less and still uncomfortable infact it is coming off right now!

  • oh thats better

  • i have the same trouble being a larger lady i could not get a sports bra until i found sloggi and they are half the price of the ones on the telly.

  • hi there peeps. i find that i get a lot of swelling under my left armpit and i have to take off my bra. to stop the discomfort ...

    i do agree with you all it is not nice at all x

  • might have a look at theses the side of my chest hurts but even with a bra off it still hurts

  • I've got them too, for me they dont have quite enough support to wear out of the house...Im a dd cup, but I always wear them at home. Got mine off ebay, aah bra's that dont have the padding. Might see If the genie with the padding for support will be good enough to wear all the time. They are soooo much more comfortable than ordinary bra's. :)

  • They also say that you can double them up to give extra support.

    I definately will not be going back to normal bras now!!! :-)

  • Hello,

    I have very painful skin. I cant wear belts and i wish i could get away without wearing bras, but i cant.

    Even to scratch an itch especially on my legs is agony nd i hate anyone touching me.

    I also hate putin moisturisure on as it leaves me in agony. I think its so weird.

    kel xxx

  • I have a fatty lump (limpoma) apparently connected to the fibro it's at the top of my rib so that sounds good to me xx

  • I hope you find them as comfortable as I do xx

  • Thank you for this information. I ordered some of these yesterday as a result. I've struggled for years with pain and discomfort from bras and often end up not wearing one at all because of these factors. Toni x

  • So glad I could be of help. I hope you find them as comfortable as I do xx

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