Painful feet

Hello fellow fibromites. Recently my feet have started to really hurt me. Even though I am taking quinine nightly I still get cramp in my feet. My feet also feel like they are burning when I am in bed. However, the worst is my heels. The edge of my heels feel like am standing on nails. The pain is almost unbearable.

Does anyone else suffer from this? If so, how do you cope? Any advice would be greatly received.

Thank you. Sx

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  • I have tremendous problems with my feet. I find warm water soaks and lashings of a good cream massaged in helps a little.

    Cramp I add on top of quinnine tab a little salt to your food and drink indian tonic water.

    Good luck


  • i get painful feet i use heat packs on them and rub in ibuprofen Gel.

  • Yep, this is my worst symptom. I have numb toes too. I wear arch supports, rub in painkilling gel nightly. On a really bad day I feel as if I'm walking on knives. It's definitely the worst symptom of fibro to me. Guaranteed to get me down. HOWEVER! My Dr has put me on gabapentin which has helped my symptoms tremendously so there is help, Epsom salt baths, try a peppermint foot balm, my feet are always hanging out of the duvet because of the burn! Lol! Xxxxx

  • Gabapentin is fabulous for pain in the sole of your foot. When I was first diagnosed I couldn't walk because of the pain and so I was prescribed Gabapentin. Also, and this is really important, my physiotherapist said I had to de-sensitize the soles of my feet by doing the following every night. Admittedly, it is not pleasant at first but it is amazing how it works. Here's what you do. Every night sit somewhere comfortable and put five different objects on the floor - all with different textures. Slowly take each foot in turn and gently rub the soles of your feet over each of the different surfaces 5 times and gradually build up to 10 times. I used a towel, a piece of very fine sandpaper, something very soft - cotton wool balls or a teddy bear, I would then move my feet over my carpet and finally I would walk over my wooden floor. As my feet became more desensitized I would walk barefoot on the stone floor in my kitchen and then the non-slip floor covering in the wet room. All the different textures really, really helped. Please try this and let me know how you get on. If you have any problems just let me know and will try my best to help you.

    Take care.


  • Oh my god! I had exactly the same symptom few years ago (except for the toes). It is not so painful now, because I know how to manage fibro now and I don't work or stand too much. But ideally I would like to have a normal life again and be able to walk or stand without an enormous pain.

    I might ask for gabapentin if it helped you.


  • I haven't upped to my full dose yet, some days I have break through pain on a bad day. The weird thing is I hadn't noticed how bad my hands were either and its only as my pain has subsided that I've realised, my feet have a bit of a way to go but they are 50% better than 2 months ago which is just amazing! :-D

  • Hi Yes I have a burning pain in the side of my foot. However, it is more of a pain than a cramp. I try to ware wide fitting shoes even in the summer.

    I wrap them round in a small light blanket, see if that can help any.

    Karen xxx

  • I'll try the small blanket. Thank you for that idea.

    S x

  • It sounds like you are having a problem on your spine located at

    L-5, S1 I know this because I told my chiropractor about my pain in my foot and he told my about my disc problem. Sure enough, he was right on.

    I had a pinched nerve. My surgeon suggested a surgery where he would remove the dehydrated disc and put in a disc made from my bone along with donor bone. It was fused to the disc above and below the discs.

    Before, I was in great pain. After the surgery I still had pain! So I went back to pain Meds I go to a pain specialist.

    So I might have been better if I didn't have the surgery. Either way, with the surgery I did loose my foot pain.

    Please check it out with a spine doctor.

    Good luck, let me know what you do.


  • Painful feet had to go to the doctors as so sick with pain and burning sensation can't walk as the pain so bad, fibromyalgia battle is hard as it keeps throwing extras whatever at us, check out zinc Vit D, Vit C magnesium, supplements as am battling with my weight as it has slowly creeped up and in true honesty I can't carry it, being 4ft 9inches. I heard about how to change habits, a diet for life written by Fiona Kirk, the author of Diet secrets, 2 Weeks in the Super fast lane: Super Fast Fat loss for super busy people and Soup can make you thin, its not a fad diet, but back to our poor wee feet and how they are suffering, the reason I mentioned the diet is she mentions the lack of vits and how our bodies lack these, so am giving it try because no matter what the doctors gives me doesn't fix or even come close to helping, so Im willing to try today is my second day so see how it goes....

  • Hello woodka29.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Please read my reply to avnot about desensitizing your feet. It worked for me.

    It's only just started to happen the pain in my feet after about 5 years with very little pain in my feet.

    As for the diet, I am exactly the same as you. The weight has just crept on and that's because we are still eating as we did when we were more active. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and lose some weight and I did it by calorie counting - there's no other way as we are not strong enough to workout in a gym. I do some stretching and walk for 5 mins, which is the most I can do at the moment, on my treadmill. In the 1st month I lost a stone by reducing my daily intake to between 1200 and 1400 cals per day. The most important thing to do is write everything that passes your lips down in a book with its calorific value next to it. This way you can see how many calories you have eaten and how many you have left for the rest of the day. If you do not eat your complete 1200/0400 cals per day carry them over to the weekend and treat yourself to a pizza/alcohol whatever you feel like - except Indian curries which have about 2 days' worth of calories in them! Chicken kebabs are officially good for a diet. You get lots of protein in the grilled chicken, carbs from the pitta bread and lots of veg - no chips [unless it's your weekend treat]. Please do not weigh yourself everyday as your weight fluctuates during the course of the week. I found it better to try clothes on that I had grown out of. I was over the moon after losing a stone I suddenly had 5 pairs of trousers that I now fit in to.

    Don't do what my friend did and buy slimming tablets - especially those xls super strength that are currently advertising on TV - she followed the instructions and had the worst flatulence of her life. She 'phoned me to see whether she should go to her GP because she was swollen and everytime she moved her flatulence started. After wiping away my tears from laughing so much I was asking her what she was doing and she confessed that she wanted to try and compete with me to lose the weight. I told her to stop taking those tablets. It took about 3 to 4 days but now she has n severe flatulence. It's the last thing you want.

    I hope you manage to sort your feet and diet out.

    Take care

    S x

  • i lost weight by listening to Paul Mckenna, lost 2stone in 8 weeks

  • Wow, that's amazing. Congratulations on your weight loss. S x

  • thank you

  • Hello again secretldy, which Paul Mckenna CDs/DVDs are you using to help you lose weight? It sounds like just what I need. Thank you. S x

  • Its called "I can make you thin" i have the old 6 dvd set. it deals with emotional eating. I find it very easy to follow as well. The interesting part is when you relax listening to some of the dvd's . I know i have not been to sleep, but i only hear the start and the finish when he is count down. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Thank you

  • All of the above plus cramp in my big toes? Tried most of the suggestions,plus spraying magnesium,liquid on my soles. Nothing working yet,hope someone can come up with something,as it's yet another contribution to bad sleep patterns.

  • I had pain in my heel and side of my foot when I walked. My Podiatrist said it was Plantar Faschiitis and told me to do this exercise: stand facing a wall and put your hands on it, then put one leg behind you (not too far) and lunge keeping your heels on the floor. Count up to 10 and repeat with other leg. This stretches the calves. It is very painful to do but it got rid of my pain and foot cramps. I hope this helps you.

    love shells (fluffy hugs as well) x

  • Hello iluvcatsuk

    I am going to do the exercises you mention.

    Thank you so much.

    S x

  • hi yes i suffer from this non stop the worst is at night time. but i cant offer any advise. i would like some myself. take care

  • I'm sorry that you suffer like me, maco100. Please feel free to read all of the answers I have received and put into practice any of the suggestions made. Hopefully, we'll both happy feet soon.

    Take care.

    S x

  • The past 12 months this has been me. I went to see a podiatrist who started me off with inner soles and excercises. .. no difference. She referred me to the hospital musculoskeletal guy... had ultrasound and bingo... plantar fasciitis. He gave me gel heeled inner soles. .. helped greatly whilst wearing shoes BUT once shoes were off OUCH horrific. The fasciitis on both my feet is 8mm thick. Should be 1-2mm. So, a week on Friday im having cortisone injections in both feet... not looking forward to them but I need to try them. Go see your Doctor. Good luck.

  • I've had orthotics made, cortisone injections , exercises, you name it, I've tried it in the last 21/2 years no joy, Gabapentin is my hero!!!!!!! :-D

  • Hi Sandy

    I suffer exactly the same! I have had it for years and get up in the night sometimes to shower my feet in cold water just to stop the burning! As for the heel pain, nothing I have tried helps. I have complained to my doctor over and over and just get told it is the way I walk and that I am overweight but even when losing weight the pain doesn't lessen. I have had orthotics in my shoes which didn't help at all so have just given up now and am resigned to the fact that it will not be long before I cannot walk anywhere. Wheelchair here I come!!


  • Hey fello fibros, i'm a reflexologist to trade, well in my former pre fibro i was, anyways, the feet have reference points to all of the body, so I always try and have a treatment done, when I can and try and maintain gd foot care, notobile enough to get my legs up to do my own ft. So, get someone/anyone, to massage ur feet as often as u can, keep ur heels as free from hard/cracked skin as u can (reference point for lower back) big toe ( head and kneck), if u can spend 10 mins every night massaging ur ft and taking care of them, it will make a difference, also helps the hand exercise if you do it on your own, the hands can be used as refernce point too, but I never found it as responsive. If u have specific problem areas, i could let you know reference area, but if u do a full foot and around ankle area you should cover most of them. Anything that helps with pain is worth a shot as far as i'm concerned. X

  • Hello my friend yes I also suffer from periods of burning painful feet.the best way I can describe it is if I've been tortured with someone hitting my feet with a rubber hose and the resulting burning throb.It gets worse when you get in bed and get warm.I have on occasions put my feet in a bucket of cold water which helps,or when you water the garden let the cold water from the hosepipe run over your feet ,bliss.Apart from that I just have to let it go on its own as it does after a few days.It will rear its ugly head later and I really don't know of anything else that helps.When I'm sitting on the sofa and my feet are burning and throbbing I always seem to be trying to shake my feet off to get rid of the sensation but it doesn't help much .Try the water its all I can suggest.I have on occasions wanted someone to chop my legs off as they have periods of hurting so much but that's a bit drastic.Hope you find some relief as it does drive you mad at times.sendind heaps of healing vibes for you xxxx

  • It might be worth doing a footbath with Epsom salts which draw out toxicity and relax at the same time. Or look up castor oil packing - pack the liver first and then cover the feet in this miraculous oil.

  • I got this my feet used to feel like they were on fire especially under the heels.. I saw my doctor and she said that it was nerve pain and she gave me Pregabiline it has helped also she suggested you should raise your feet that sometimes helps x

  • Hi

    I suffer with pain in my feet it is so unbearable my feet hurt all the time.

    If I walk it gets worse its the whole foot, I find that the fat bit beneath the toes forgotten the name the ball I believe

    is where the root of the pain is as I was told this is not a fybromyalga problem not to sure anymore.

    I just checked on line you can get protectors so I will be doing research for this hope this helps :)

  • I was suffering from a lot of the above plus night cramps.I am now also on Gabapentin,lof which I take 3 at night when its really bad or 1x3 a day.They are super efficient. xx

  • My feet hurt all the time as well. My Achilles muscle has gone into spasm and i have to have arch supports.

    If you suffer from cramp, then put a bar of soap under your bed covers, i know it sounds weird, but it does work

  • Maybe crazy questions ... but should we put this bar of soap by our foot or leg muscles that are cramping, or can it be just anywhere under the bed covers?

    Hate to sound slow, but sometimes I need specifics!!!

  • put it at the bottle where it will be out of the way

  • that should be

  • Hello secretldy

    I have to admit that I did think it very weird that a bar of soap would stop cramp but I tried it and it works a treat. I couldn't believe it. It also stops my feet from overheating during the night.

    Thank you so much for your advice.

    I wonder how many of our other fibro problems could be managed without prescription drugs?

    Thanks again. S x

  • hi sandy i have perifual neuropathy in my feet its agony its like walking on sharp nails i saw a podriatist he said i have severe nerve damage to my feet it can be caused by diabeties and many other things as soon as i put my feet on the floor its agony ask to be refered to a podriatist hope this helps .,

  • Hello mason, I too have peripheral neuropathy and I know exactly the pain you are experiencing. Please see my reply to avnot which explains how to desensitize your feet. It was the physiotherapist at the pain clinic that told me how to desensitize my feet. Please give it a go. It's not very pleasant at first but please stick with it - it really does work. Hope this helps you. Take care. S x

  • Hello all, it has been a mixture of pleasure and pain reading through this thread - I identify with almost all of that everyone has talked about.

    I will definitely try an epsom salt foot bath, have only ever thought about a bath not just a for feet- can't wait to feel the benefit :)

    Will also be looking in the castor oil packing which was spoken about, as I'm so full of chemicals from the variety of medication I take daily, I'm sure my body must be deleted of many vitamins and/or minerals.

    Thank you all very much for your contributions and to Sandy for starting this thread.

  • Oh I forgot to add my experience.....

    I used to live in a house with a bidet, which was great for cooling down my burning feet - I'd sit on the loo seat and plunge my feet in...ah bliss!!

    Currently I use peppermint foot lotion and a good massage at night.

    I also have 'gel socks' which are very cooling.....wonderful and in the winter I have a paraffin foot bath which leaves my feet feeling so soft and takes away the tingling for a little while.

    Good luck to everyone's feet :) Pea xx

  • yes a bidet is great for feet i sit on a chair with laptop on windowsill soaking feet in teatree and radox and watch my soap eastys then the cats come howling to drink from it so its a cat pub and foot soak and also used for what irs designed for and my granson loves to flood the f;loor. my god i sound like i still have my sense of humour intact so its the most used item in the house lol

  • I have many feet problems like you. first off are you taking magnesium? it will help with the cramps plus other things. I take 1000mg at night.

    my burning pain is neuropathy plus I have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and hammer toes, most are all tendon issues other than the burning and shocking pain. for that I have a small tent structure at the foot of my bed so the blankets do not touch my feet when I sleep.

    I take vitamin D,K,C fish oil, folic acid magniesum glyconate and probiotics daily to help with the above problems.

    I also use essential oils to numb the neuropathy . you could also try taping your feet for the plantar fasciitis and bone spurs if that is the same as mine.

    the info for taping your feet can be looked up online.

    hope this helps some.


  • Hi, karma dogma, Would you mind sharing with us which essential oils you feel help with your neuropathy? I sometimes have a feeling that I am wearing ankle socks ~ which could be just a foreshadowing of things to come. And sometimes, my feet tingle. Fortunately I don't have the awful burning pain others are experiencing. I don't have diabetes, but I do have plantar fasciitis and so many pieces of FMS they are too boring to keep repeating ...

    I thought maybe knowing the essential oils could help both me beforehand, and the others in the group w/extreme pain now ... Thanks & soft hugs, bk

  • Yes, I use

    9 drops Ginger

    9 drops lemongrass

    9 drops clove

    I put it in a dark glass roller bottle than fill the bottle with a carrier oil. I use almond oil. I also purchased some gell lined neuropathy socks I wear to bed over the oil so it doesn't jet all over the sheets.

    I just buy my things off amazon. Hope it helps.


  • Oh, "kd" it really does help to know this ~ and one of our daughters sells EOs as a small part of her business, so I have an "in" ...

    Thanks so much for sharing, and giving the hint about keeping it all under control too! I'm sure others might want to use this info.

    Hope everyone with these problems can find some relief soon ... Gentle hugs and care, bk

  • Hi Sandy247,

    I have this too and it is steadily getting worse over the years. There are some exercises on the NHS website for foot pain which involve rolling a tin under the arch of your foot.

    Altho' it was quite relaxing, I felt like a wally and it didn't seem to help. I wear orthotics, arch supports.

    I was supposed to be having an opp on my toes as my big toe joints have seized with arthritis which throws the weight to the outside of my foot and I think that is part of the problem. Unfortunately they closed the Rheumatology dpt at my hospital and discharged me without doing the opp. They just said take more pain killers.

    My feet and my back are the worst bits.

    Good to read some of the comments that some of the drugs help. I must try and see the GP.

    Hope you find something to help- it is so debilitating.

  • hello love yes i suffer with hot painfull feet too only thing i can surgest is putting a cooling cream on them fm chemist it does help x

  • Did it send

  • My feet especially my heels at night are so painfull, I have tried everything but up to now nothing has worked. hope we an keep in touch take care rubymum

  • I am so sorry to read that and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you for all of your replies. I am definitely going to try some of these remedies - the castor oil and Epsom salts have been ordered and the exercises started this morning

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    S x!

  • My Fibro started with my feet. I started to hurt 6 1/2 years ago and was diagnosed only 6 months ago. I did had injections, insoles, physio, osteopathy, acupuncture,..

    Was work the best is heat. The podiatrist did some lasers, it really helped. So I bought a hot water bottle and a heat shiatsu massager. My tendons are still inflamed but are getting better. I guess it will take longer than few months to get over more than 6 years of tendon inflammation.

    I think also Epson salts and magnesium oil help as well.

    Good luck!

  • I also have problems with feet and hands. I will be trying some of the suggestions made here. I take meds for mine but they only work so well. I have put memory foam in all of my shoes. I always call it walking on pins and needles. Mine feel like they are asleep and don't want to wake up. I have PT twice a week and it seems to help some. But I am also looking at a wheelchair to become part of my life. I have spinal problems which cause most of my feet and legs to be painful. Hugs to all

  • Hello again,

    I have found a site on-line which is offering silicone gel heels and ankle supports at a reduced price. And I know there are quite a few of us who use them to releive heel pain.

    I know we are not supposed to advertise on this site but I don't know how else to get this good news to you except put the link below and let you decide for yourselves.

    If I am breaking the rules it is not intentional. I would love someone to explain to me what to do should I find another great offer that benefits us fibromites.

    Thank you

    S x

  • Hi Sandy247, i suffer with my feet ,and have done for at least six years the whole sole of my feet are very painfull,it came on gradguly,but now its really bad,i have always loved walking and walked miles,now i cannot walk very far as its to painfull,i also lost my balance when they was very bad, my doctor has put me on Amitriptyline and it has helped quite a bit,hope this is of some help to you.xx

  • yip ive got that too cant stand to step down or walk on them heels awful 7i soak them in a footbath at night with some radox and i only wear alegria shoes which have an amazing insole . you can buy them on ebay cheaper than getting them from th uk supplier or if you have someone visiting usa get them to bring you a pair back .

    you can also buy the soles separatly 20 pounds a set but worth it

    i wear merrell boots short ones in the winter and get size bigger then put in the alegria soles all this helps and i never wear anything else otherwise it sets of my feet big time

    i cant sit with legs up in bed with my heel on the mattress its to sore . interestly when i had me when i was 29 im now 62 i could not step down on my feet then and i now feel like ive got me again all these years later . and my feet hurt the same . have had the usual suspects saying you need to loose weight well when i was 9 i was 7 stone and still had feet tenderness so that rubbish.

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