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We are alive !!!!!!!!!

I am new to this site and I have to say we are alive and breathing- we are not a third world country and nor do we live on the street !

We have a lot ot be positive about and lets prove this horrid disease we have will not and will never take control !!!!!!!

Lets stand and inform the doctors of what we are about for all those new people that are diagnosed. We will not sit down and let it win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi AnnJuliette nice to meet you & welcome.

totally agree but very difficult sometimes to take full control

when very tired and in pain, but on the other hand doing things

from pacing & stretching is my way of taking control & doing some

muscle building exercises, but still have to rest & take pain medication

keeping positive is the way to go your right & not giving in to this challenging

illness, but very hard sometimes

All the best

Brother in Pain



wow that was very forceful and to the point good for you with that ttitude, you are so right well done and hope tp speak to you on here again love to you Diddle x


Hiya and welcome. As Diddle says, that was to the point lol. Good for you :)

Have a good day.

Sue xx


The illness is not in our heads but the way we cope with it can be! Hope we all stay as positve as possible. It can help. I know when I let depression get the better of me, my partner can never gage how bad I am feeling physically, but when I am being treated for the blues and am able to face upto doing more, he is more aware of when I am physically unable and appears to respect me resting it off better. When I am depressed, I still want to do things and cannot settle in bed and get agitated when he says I should go an rest, but when I am positive, I get things done and rest more effectively, then when he says go and rest it off, I feel like I can because I am also achieving things. I know we all cope differently, so this is my take on it.

Ann Juliette. I agree doctors need to know its serious. They also need to know that it cannot be used as an excuse to not do tests for other conditions. I have been told a few times that "this Fibromyalgia thing will make things hurt more, and really what you have come here to discuss would be nothing to worry about otherwise".



hi Ann wellcom you are right about not letting it win and most of the time we do win the war but every now and then it wins a few battels . and then we are on top , all you have to now is we are hear for everyone and we need eachother as we all help to win the war but it is not bad if it is winning that days battel .AS that is what this shitty thing is a DAY TO DAY WAR and we will WIN :)


You go girl, I agree, am always thinking to my self, there are a lot of people out there a lot worse off and suffering more than me. A positive attitude is the best attitude to have,not letting this beat us.

Sometimes its hard and we are all fighting our own battles

(we are all different, suffer and cope in different ways. Whats happening in our individual lives is very real to us and can be hard to cope with)

Also sometimes (i know it is for me), this site is an outlet to express worries, concerns, good and bad days, Reading others blogs and questions really helps and often brighten up my day. :)

I cant speak for others, but I may not always sound positive, but i am trying very hard, a positive attitude and sense of houmor, (cant spell lol), always helps :).

Lets all keep fighting and we will win :)

Also welcome to a fab site, that as helped me so much, hope its helpful to you too.

Lou x


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