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We are new to HealthUnlocked

We are new to HealthUnlocked

Hi everyone. We are a small, well established support group based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We hold daytime meetings every month and an evening meeting every two months. We are on Facebook with a Page and a Forum. May I ask what sort of things the fibro community might find useful? Do we need to increase the amount of meetings we have? What about fundraising ideas? Exercise ideas we could all take part in. I don't know if any of you are local to us, or what you do through your local support group if you have one. We would like it to be a positive place where sufferers and their families can gain reassurance and general advice. We have recently written to 30 nearby GP practices to refresh with them our contact details to pass on to their Fibro patients. What can I take away from this site and our interaction ? Any input is welcome. Thank you :) x

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Hello and welcome to our friendly forum.

Please take a look at our mother site fmauk.org

There is a lot of useful information and on homepage there are some pinned post. With a lot of information.

Generally the site is more for individuals

We will try to support you any way we can.

Good look with group.


We are 'affiliated' to FMA UK as a group but i, the person behind social media for our group, has fibro and if i find something useful for myself on this site no doubt others may benefit from it too. I wouldnt dream of copy and pasting anything but symptoms, suggestions etc can then be researched to pass on. I have only acknowledged my fibro for a few years so still a relative novice. Anything that we have access to on the main site has been used before and we will keep using the site the only thing is some of the resources are quite old now :/


That sounds great.

Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near :D

Good luck.


I hope you have a support group near to you :)


We definitely need more of groups.


Personally I think the time spent searching all the ideas/meds/support/humour/ on this site will give you so much pleasure....we are a group of friends, like yourselves. who would not find life as easy without each other.....I wish you well....x


Thank you . I agree totally. Finding our support group was the start for me to acknowledge Fibro and to acceptance. I had to adjust else I'd make myself poorly the way I was carrying on. Thanks for your good wishes :)


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