We are the famous five ...... ( volunteers)

We are the famous five ...... ( volunteers)

Think Enid Blyton .. Think 1970s when TV immortalised the Famous Five and join in with the unforgettable theme song...

We are the Famous Five.. Tulips , Gins and San Moffy and VG the dogfish .... La la

And yes that is the Volunteer hut I am sitting in ... Due to cutbacks FA. Have taken the old volunteer hut for themselves and we have to share this....

So hopefully now there will be at least one volunteer about for a wider range of time...

So here we are Tulips123.... Gins...... Sandra99b ....Ladymoth and myself...

VG x

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  • Have you turned into a dawg, VG - or are you swimming about in that blue, china bowl? :D

    What a come-down - we'll have to save hard for a new Volunteer Hut :(

    Moffy x

  • Being a dog is the least of our worries.... Tulips and gins seem to have changed sex... Still those short hair styles will be easy to look after I just don't know how I am going to cope with all that fur......

    Yours panting

    VG x

  • I've gone off on my bike with lashings of ginger beer, to look for a new Volunteer Hut.

    I've started my quest in the stockbroker belt around Richmond. Some of their garden sheds look very palatial, and would suit us nicely.

    If we disguised ourselves as gnomes, gno-one would know we were there! :D

  • Yippee grabs a fishing rod and red hat stuffed full of tomatoes lettuce and hard boiled eggs .. Oh no my bicycle has a puncture... What jolly bad luck.... Sits down and eats the picnic.. By a convienient stream ....

  • well, I've been sat here in this boat in the lakes waiting all day :(

    then I ask someone where the rest of the famous five has got to.

    He laughed heartily and told me I'd got mixed up with Swallows and Amazons! :D

    on my mobility scooter at 4mph to Dash off to Dorset...

    hums "didn't we have a lovely time the day we went..."

  • Yup we have all gone to Bangor .... You,ve missed us again


  • Bognor? there's a Butlins there :D

    oh Bangor! england or northern ireland?

  • Bangor is in Wales sandra, not England chuck!! We Welshies don't like that kind of mistake!! XX

  • Diolch yn fawr sue!

    stands in corner looking suitably ashamed :(

  • Ha haaaaaa!! Don't worry sandra!! We're just very territorial!! XXX

  • The one they sang about in that song....

    Goes back to cuddling with jack and drinking cider


  • oh yes,, if you're gonna be Gnomes you must have GN-ome to go to,, you're not G-Nomads, are you? ;-)

  • I'm part of the national elf service!

  • We are a bit of both with the size of the hut..... We have to wander about like nomads while one of us has the home :(

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