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hi there,

just joined site to day and just wanted to say hi. i have not yet been diagnosed with FIbro just jumping through hoops with my GP. have had several MIR scans waiting for reults of last one. have had chronic pain in many parts of my body for going on 8 years now but still no further forward with diagnosis. just lucky i found some brilliant sites that have given me some great advice.

have spoken to my gp who just says wait to see what the MRI comes back with and what the doctor at the hospital wants to do. well he want s to send me to pain management clinic. have been refered before and all i got was a telephone interview and told by them that i was doing everything right and to continue on that path, that was 6 years ago then nothing.

how can i make my gp understand and broach the subjectt that i think i may have FIbro, dont want to upset her.

so once agin i will say hi and bye for now.


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welcome to the site. You have landed on a very friendly and informative site. Personally I found getting my GP to refer me to pain management was where I actually got my Fibro Diagnosis. It may be worth you having another go at see if they can help. Not all GPs understand or really know about Fibro so it may well be worth making a note of all your symptoms and say they seem to be similar to those of Fibro. That way you have not said you think you have it but it might give your GP a bit of a hint.




Hi dobie62

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do.

I agree with jillylin, as pain management clinic is the standard with many Fibro sufferers, hopefully this time however it will be better. Many sufferers also go to a rheumatology clinic as well, so it may be worth discussing this with either your GP or a pain management clinic.

I have pasted the FibroAction website link below for you, and I really hope that you find it useful:

Good luck with the MRI's and please keep us all up to date with how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi and welcome Hun xx


Hi and welcome to the best and friendliest Fibro site. I hope that you get your diagnosis soon xx


hi dobie, & welcome, ask your gp to refere you back to pain management, that's how i got my diagnosis after yrs of not knowing what was wrong. maybe just say to her that you came across an article on fibromyalgia & write down the symptoms that you have which are the same. then ask her if she thinks you may have it. xx


Hello and welcome to the site lots of hugs sue


thanks everyone for your warm welcome. i know that i am going to get some good advice and understanding from you all.

sending warm tender hugs to you all.

many thanks



Hi dobie62

Welcome to the forum.

Have you checked out our Mother site too where there is a wealth of information regarding Fibromyalgia. If you need answers about, doctors or even medicines, alternative medicines, you'll also find sections about all the categories that are there on the right of the screen which is where you can browse through peoples posts.

The creative corner and comedy corner are quite popular and occasionally we may have fibro fun and frolics

We're quite a friendly bunch that like to care and share and we all like to blow off steam whether its with a moan or a giggle :)

However, we do have our serious sides too and are here to help and support if we can :)

It is difficult prior to diagnosis so I thought you might be interested in one of our FAQ's: I have symptoms of Fibro, how is it diagnosed? This fact sheet has many useful links with respect to your current situation.

Wishing you wellness and luck with your diagnosis dobie62 don't be afraid to ask any questions and looking forward to seeing you around :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


hi and welcome to the site.x


Hi dobie

Welcome to this wonderful site. Members are great, have helped me out immensely, very supportive and kind! I hope you get as much out of this fab Forum as I do, grateful to all the members! Particularly a special few who have supported me through many a crisis, since joining!

I hope you get your formal diagnosis very soon.

The Pain Management Courses are excellent to go on as they often find out the correct Diagnosis for patients.

You have joined one of the best Sites ever! Trust me you will learn so much on this Forum. Even have a laugh. I have learned more on this Site than in all the years I"ve suffered with ME/CFS/Fibro.

Good Luck

Best wishes

Sending you positive healing energies

Betty Baby


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