Non specific white matter and fibromyalgia

Hiya all. Just a quick question. Has others had mri head scan that has showed up multiple non specific white matter baliterally??? Just wanna know if its a common thing in fibro patients. My doc doesnt seem worried but scan in 2009 only showed a tiny altered area now its all over?? Would it be worth me seein a neurologist to find out what it means.N wasnt significant... but compared to my last scan i would say its changed a lot?? Anyway advice plsss n answerrs . Big hugs to you fellow fibro warriors oh and do any of you suffer from bppv??

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this if you have been upset or alarmed due to a lack of an explanation of what this actually means. I have pasted you some information below from HealthTap and I sincerely hope that it helps you?

    It would appear that they are what they deem non-specific and are, in most cases, age related but they are present in many other people for other reasons. If they were white matter lesions then they would diagnose MS (my wife has MS), or if they were of another design they would diagnose something else but they clearly are not since your GP appears not to be worried by them.

    White Matter (Overview)

    White matter is one of the two components of the central nervous system and consists of glial cells and myelinated axons that transmit signals from one region of the cerebrum to another and between the cerebrum and lower brain centers. White matter tissue of the freshly cut brain appears pinkish white to the naked eye because myelin is composed largely of lipid tissue veined with capillaries.

    What are white matter lesions?

    Brain: These are found on MRI and ct of the brain. It is non specific and just means that the brain has some "scarring" for lack of a better term. Seen in patients over 65 commonly near the ventricles of the brain.

    SOURCE: HealthTap.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


    NB I am so sorry but the web link carries adverts so I cannot paste it on to the forum. However, I have kept a bookmark if you would like the link please PM me.

  • Hi ken, am bit confused (as usual) you wrote that white matter lesions indicate ms, which is what i thought, but then under heading what are white mattrr lesions it states 'scarring'. Help !

  • Hi no probs! If they deem them ''non-specific'' then they are classed as scarring. If they deem them specific then they would diagnose MS. So it is just a case of whether they are specific or non-specific. Hope that makes sense? Sorry it was the way that I wrote it down.

    Take care


  • Thanks Ken

  • Thank you x

  • In addition to Kens informative answer I will add never leave the surgery until you question everything. xx

  • My docs are hard work!! You gotta see em for one thing at a time as they cant cope n understand me lol. Got lots goin on n they think i am very complex!! X dont think they understand it all if i am honest!! I always come out docs feelin worse n confused n like i wasted there time. Hense why i dont go hslf the time!! X

  • in the beginning of my brain injury/inner ear problems, they did all kinds of testing.

    C.T. M.R.I. showed white matter as well, as well as (vestibular testing,) these are terrible BTW. they did not seem to concerned about it. (white matter) I have gone back a couple of times and have had follow up MRI's and they changed some.

    one reason they wanted to do this is to rule out M.S. with the things that were going on w/ me. I dont know if it comes w/ age? I don't know how old you are? and you don't have to answer that lol.

    neurologist is your choice. I would if it gives you peace of mind, and or second opinions are great self care.

  • I am 37 x just bit alarmin because in 2009 i had only 1/2 altered areas now its baliteral n multiple. How ever i do suffer migraines.. maybe thats the cause x i will see neuro tho just to be sure n give me peace of mind x vertigo is terrible again at min too so just wanna be sure its not bein caused by yhe white matter stuff x thanks for reply x

  • I have had brain mri and been told there are white spots on mine and restriction of blood flow to the brain. Neuro were not worried. I suffer from headaches and migraines said it could be them causing the spots x

  • I too suffer migraines maybe thats the cause then x ☺

  • no problem lynnie2010. : )

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