OMG WON MY APPEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still in shock and cannot believe this but letter came today saying after ATOS doc came to my house and did independent medical they have put me back on high rate mobility and middle rate care as per previously before it was stopped and they have backdated it. Best news of all - it's an indefinite award. Didn't expect that. Thank you all of you for your support and to those still trying keep on trying as it shows it is worth it. It all got me really low and I wanted to give up but you lot kept me going. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Nice one Clare! Gentle hugs,

    Love Carol xx

  • Fantastic news,

    Well Done Clare for NOT giveing up

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxx :-)

  • so pleased for you xxxx

  • Whoo hoo! congrates clare really great news hun

    hugs poppy xxx

  • fantastic news I am awaiting my renewal hoping I get it again it took me two and a half years before after second opinion review and appeal and then I only got it for 3 years from my 1st application and so here i am 6months later doing it all again I only got higher rate mobility and no care but was so grateful after all that time wishing it was indefinate bur fingers crossed so glad to hear someone has a positive result xxx hugs xxx

  • very well done, Carol. am pleased for you that they won't be bugging you again for a long while x

  • Congrates hun bit less stress 4u x Gentle hugs & big ;)'s x

  • So pleased for you-you must be so relieved and to get it indefinitely makes it extra good news xx

  • woo woo so glad for you , that is fantastic news and so nice to hear after lost stories love to you and go treat yourself to something nice to take away all the stress you have had whilst waiting for the answer and the result well done love to you diddle x

  • Great news Claire, well done hun. Hug n love to you. Helen xx

  • That's amazing, good for you!! X

  • Brilliant news. Hugz petals

  • Hi can i ask what you had written or done to change their minds as those dla forms are so you know what i mean LOL

  • Hi Tasha,

    I had help from a lady for welfare and benefits, but they used info I had already filled in. She chased up everything. Had independent medical done by an ATOS doc from 70 miles away but he was really good. Turns out by pure chance he would be the person I'd have to see to return to work as he's NHS Occ Health - he also put that on forms and said if I tried to return it would be a big NO and my contract would be cancelled as I am in no state to do my job anymore or an alternative safely. Hope this helps you a bit. Good luck.xx

  • I am very pleased for you.

  • congratulations hun thats fantastic news bout time they started looking after us good on ya xxxx

  • Good one about time one of us won.yippeee.

  • congratulations, with a young child to look after as well you need the help. so good luck to you .

  • Thank you. xxx I have 2 young children - the 11 year old is tube fed via gastrotomy button and pump feed, and my youngest is 8 and has been diagnosed with Lupus. Auto immune diseases in both cases and from me. x DLA means we can relax a bit at least which makes life easier for all of us. Shouldn't be such a fight though should it when you're genuine.

  • the only worrying thing for all of us (including me) who get DLA is that next year, its going to be renamed and everyone over 18 has to be reassesed like they have done with incapacity over to ESA.

    i have been given it indefinantly to, but it seems the government think that alot of people given it indefinantly shouldnt be recieving it!!!!!

    i got stressed enough being assesed for ESA, and the releif of being put in the support group was short lived after hearing i have to go through it all next year for DLA!!!

    nightmare xx

  • I know. x I'm worried about having to fight all over again but going to wait til that happens. x

  • well its good news for a change ,well done on winning your tribunal ,such a refreshing change :)

  • Excellent news, you must be sooo relieved. Gives the ones that are in the process of awaiting for the decision on medicals or appeals some hope. great to hear good news.

    Take care

    jan H x

  • Well done Claire, so nice to hear some good news for a change, big gentle hugs hun xxx

  • Fantastic news Clare x x x x

  • that must be a relief - i hope if i ever had to stop work completely i would be assisted by benefits but obviously this is a difficult thing for fibro sufferers - good for you

  • Briliant news, well done Claire. Your news will give hope for other's. soft hugs xxx

  • Congratulations x

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