I'm baaaaaaaaack !

Hi all,

Well I did it , it nearly bloomin well killed me but I'm glad to report I've gotten through it virtually in one piece !

Travelled back to Coventry , spent 5 days cleaning, packing and getting eldest son installed in his new flat . Handed my house back to the landlord ( now awaiting the return of my deposit , what's the betting they find reason to withhold a portion of it ) and travelled to Southampton to live with my fiancé .

Spent 2 days changing my address and filling out numerous forms , registered with the doctors here and have an appointment for Tuesday to sort out repeat prescription etc . That's it. I'm done !

Hope everyone here is OK and surviving .



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  • Well done Helen! get yourself waited on for a bit! xxxx

  • hay helen no wonder woman well donewell done good for you again how did you do it supper supper well done

  • My god you have been busy i hope you are taking it easy now you moved!!! hope you get your depisit backk too they normally finsd something so they can hold onto it anyway i am washed out for a change so now having bath love to you Diddle x

  • Well done Helen! Take the weekend off now lol xx

  • Thanks all.

    I had some help from my sons and family and an old friend ( who I haven't seen for over 20 years ! ) came and did some painting for me . I think I switched to auto pilot , turned my brain off and gritted my teeth .

    I won't pretend it didn't hurt , it did... big time. I am kind of proud of myself for achieving it though :)

    I think my joints will need a few weeks to recover but it had to be done before I could move forward and start my new life.

    I'm not expecting the full deposit back to be honest diddle , even though that house is spotless ! They always find something to gripe about , but as long as they return a good portion of it I'll be happy.

    So, what's everyone else been up to this past week ?



  • In a word. Working :) I've had today off, I never work on a Friday, so been and had my 'therapy' the Emmett Technique, dentist this afternoon and been shopping and tonight my son and granddaughter have turned up for the weekend which was a lovely surprise. xx

  • Well done! think I'd need a fortnight in bed after all that. xx

  • Hello helen,

    you should be well chuffed with yourself for what you have done. Just thinking about doing all that is making me tired lol.

    glad your back kel xxx

  • You have been mega busy, time to have a rest now tho and pamper yourself a bit x

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