I'm new here

I'm new here

Hi guys

This week I have spent almost the entire days in bed. I know there are others like me who have so much pain or are so tired that it's hard just to make it through the day. In the past, I joined other Fibromyalgia communitites, but I did not get much helpful feedback. I hope to be more fortunate here :)

My pain started in 2001, that's way before I got the official diagnosis. When I look back at my life I see that I probably had the precursors for most of my life, with people thinking I was just making it up. Even today I meet doctors who look at me sideways, because they don't even believe that it's a serious disease, just some people making a big deal out of a little pain!

I have created a drawing of my pain to better illustrate what I am feeling: card.catchmypain.com/XQSolM...

I'm glad to be here!


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  • Hi Josef

    Hope you feel better soon. I had pain in very similar positions and had steroid injections plus a series of gentle exercises that really improved the condition so ask for help.

    Try to get up if just for a little while it will help you sleep better tonight - my mum was right about that.

    If a health professional does not take your pain seriously ask to see someone else until you get someone who cares.


  • Hi Josef,

    You have found a great site to be on. You will find everyone very friendly and helpful here. We also indulge ourselves with humour on a regular basis to help lift our spirits.



  • Hi Josef and welcome to the site :)

    You have come to the right place for information, friendly advise and fun if you feel up to it.

    I did something similar to you and have used this method for a few years to help doctors and consultants see where the pain was affecting me, it was useful the last time I saw a pain consultant!

    Have you checked out our Mother site fibroaction.org where there is a wealth of information regarding Fibromyalgia. If you need answers regarding doctors or even medicines, alternative medicines there are sections on the FibroAction site if you hit the link above as well as up to date research, benefits advice and much more.

    You'll also find sections about all the categories that are there on the right of the screen which is where you can browse through peoples posts.

    The creative corner and comedy corner are quite popular as having a good laugh is good medicine. There is also a newly added Pet's Corner for us to post our beloved animals that are there for comfort and support.

    We also like to blow off steam whether its with a moan or a giggle so please don't be afraid to join in :)

    Looking forward to seeing you around :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Welcome to our brilliant site. Hope we can be very helpful for you in many ways. Humor I find is essential to keep us going . We also believe in caring and sharing. Remember though that all advise is only from our own experiences and you must visit your GP to secure his opinion and advise.




  • Hi Josef

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Firstly, welcome to the site and sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do?

    I am so sorry to read that you have also go this horrid illness. I was wondering what medications you have been prescribed? And do they help at all? I was also wondering if you have bee given any referrals to any clinics like Rheumatology and / or a Pain Management Clinic? And if so, how you are finding them?

    I see that zeb73 has given you a link to the FibroAction site it really is worth checking this out. There is a lot of information and it may give you something things to think about?

    I am genuinely looking forward to bumping into you around the forum.

    All my hopes and dreams for you.


  • Good to have another man on here instead of all the gossiping women lol. Only joking!!!

    This site has all the answers you'll ever need.

  • Being a devout coward, you're on your own, mate :P

  • Gossipy huh you may find it hard to live that one down. Welcome to the site enjoy the answers have you looked on fibroaction.org this is our mothdataer site full of great data so enjoy! The site also has some wonderful women wo will empathise with your predicament.




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  • No we don't eat men for supper the meats too chewy ;) LOL

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Hi Jose, welcome our caring, sharing, loving, laughter fibro club, you really couldn't have picked a better site, and you will have a lot of fibro friends to let off steam to and laugh with we are all in the same boat so therefor we understand how each of us are feeling so can sympathise, be careful tho of that there gins she may take the paddle away lol, seriously tho she is a great volunteer helped me an awful lot when I first came on here , which was some time ago, we are a crazy but very caring bunch, look forward to reading your posts......gentle hugs....Dee x

  • Hi Josef, Welcome to this Wonderful Site. I am relatively new to this Site but I can assure you that you have joined just the right Forum.

    Lots of us have to spend days in bed due to "Flare-ups", some days we are left with no choice in the matter as the pain can be just unbearable!

    I have had tremendous support, invaluable advice, kindness, care and empathy from the Members. I have had ME/CFS/Fibro for over 20 years/ I have gained more knowledge/understanding and in-sight into Fibro since joining this Forum, via all the help off the Members than in all the years I have been a sufferer!

    They are a great friendly bunch of people who can support, help guide you on the right path. There is always someone who can answer any questions/queries you may be experiencing.

    Also it is not all "Doom n Gloom", we can have a laugh together, I have seen me having a laugh, even in excruciating pain!!

    We are all in the same "Boat", so to speak, so we can understand/identify with each other, when no-one else could possible comprehend how difficult and debilitating Fibro is!

    I think of it as my "Life-boat!" as it has saved me from going under on so many occasions.

    I sincerely hope your pain @ least eases up a little and hope you get as much out of this Wonderful Site as I do?

    Look forward to hearing from you again.

    Take care.

    Sending you positive healing energies

    God bless Lynn

  • I just came back from a weekend break and now this... Wow! I really appreciate the welcome! :) I will check fibroaction.org for information soon.

    Thanks again and talk to you soon


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