"OMG" Loverly "NHS"


Good evening, well I'm in again & don't you just love the NHS.

This is my 2nd visit over the past 2 wks

Well having only stayed 1.5hrs in A+E but I spent 6/7hrs hidden out of the way.

I was eventually admitted at 12.30 last night now hidden in an old part of the hospital once closed.

The moral of my story is I had no Dc/ Meds for my Pain for 24hrs.

Well I hit the roof "Big Time"

I think that I'm back on "Planet Earth"

I'm still in this Loverly place for another night "Great"


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  • Many thanks. I hate A&E the most as they haven't got an idea & as for Consultans "well" l have got to b done tomorrow as my ward is only Mon - Fri. I will be thrown out again!!!! Don't you just love hospitals.


  • Here I go again. Thanks Steve.

  • hope you are feeling better today and you got some pain relief.i have been to A&E several,times -kept hanging about for hours -experienced all that you have and more.

  • Hi.

    Yes I am back to "Normal" today. "Well may be not"

    The nurses keep coming around & asking how bad my Pain is from 1 - 10.

    I keep telling them that my pain is 10+ (Very Bad) they say they can't put the + on the PCs ??????


  • they could do in your paper notes!have they given you stronger(if any)pain relief.?can i ask what you are in for?

    ive had headpain and swelling(?)of skull-yet gp not taking it seriously.-as with anything i have in the last year.two minds what to do-go to gp and get blanked again or go to A&E .

  • Hi. Thanks, yes they have got my details.

    I have already g

  • Sorry pressed the wrong button.

    I have already got my strong meds with me. They don't hav any stronger ones. Mind you I'm taking the maximum already.

    Yes I had mayor stomach surgery in 2014

    This has gone horribly wrong.

  • OMG poor you.hope your stay isnt too long.

  • "OMG" The docs have been I will be in until my procedure is done !!!!!!!!!!!


  • will be thinking of you

  • Poor you.

    I do hope they look after you well.

    Take care and best wishes.

  • Many thanks. Steve.

  • Hi Steve

    I wear a med alert that I keep upto date with all my med changes, have created a template in Word, that contains all the current information, I then cut out and fold to fit.

    Every time I go anywhere beyond our garden gate, I am wearing it. Has meds and dose rates, hospital number/consultants, GP and surgery contact details. The last time I was in hospital (8yrs ago), I made them check my records, and give me the right meds.

    If you are able to, insist they check your meds with your surgery, and insist they are given. A few discreted about person and wallet, atleast means you have some comfort.

    Good wishes, Hayesider

  • Hi, thanks I have got one at home somewhere or so my wife tells me. Thanks Steve.

  • Hi. That's great advice. Many thanks Steve.

  • Many thanks Steve.

  • Hi thanks. Steve.

  • Thank you very much.


  • Hi Steve49

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • They are not the best places to be hope you feel better soon ☺

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better and good luck.

  • I work for the NHS we are very under staffed but we do our best. I very rarely get a break and sometimes have nothing to eat all day

  • Hi.

    I'm very sorry to include the staff on the "Wards"

    They are "Golden"

    1st class in my "Book"

    I'm constantly telling them that.

    Please Please except my apologies.

    I hope that I haven't upset you.



  • Hi Maisie 1 my husband is UCS (urgent care services) ambulance guy - the amount of times they have overruns is unbelievable - a lot of their time/ calls are to drug overdoses - drunks - people who have cut a finger - drug users and the overloads in A and E are due to a lot of these people clogging it - which makes it difficult for nursing staff and also folks like ourselves who are ILL - in fact I heard on the north west news the other day that a crew were called out to a seven year old who had difficulty breathing - they blue lighted and when they got there it was a DOG - hello - I think for these guys they should be charged for the cost of the Ambo just like the fire brigade do for stupid calls

    Sorry for the rant and hope Steve is feeling better and had his pain reduced.

  • I agree they should fine people

  • I agree Toolie charge these stupid people who waste NHS resources

  • No I know what you mean it's them and us. I believe we should all work 24/7 365 days a year. It's criminal that more people die at weekends than during the week. It need a good overhaul and new contracts

  • Hi Masie.

    Well said that is so so true.

    I have been waiting for my procedure since Tuesday.

    OMG the ward shuts this afternoon!!!!!!!!


  • I agree that the NHS isn't perfect far from it, but it is still better than most countries have. We have people on here who have run out of insurance they can't get treatment. A lot of the problem is that if someone out of the EU I goes to hospital they do t ask for the payment straight away so in some cases it is not paid

  • Hi Massie.

    Many thanks, yes you are 100% we do take it for granted. I had worked in it for 10yrs, this was the best time of my life. Unfortunatly I had to take early retirement. I was gutted at the time. Yes other countries don't have anything close to the NHS.



  • I think people abuse it

  • Hi Massie.

    Yes they do all of the time.

    Sorry about earlier in the post.

    I'm sill in hospital awaiting my procedure.

    Things are great at the moment.


  • Take care I am sure the nursing staff will look after you.

  • Many thanks, yes they are all 1st class.


  • Hi Steve hope your feeling a bit better soon the worst thing about hospital is waiting for pain relief while waiting to be seen I've been in and out a lot recently I just take my own now because I know it will be hours before I see anyone hope your sorted out soon 😊

  • Hi.

    Thanks for your email.

    Yes it is my second house nowadays.

    I need to take mine in as they give me anything.

    Yes I had major stomarch surgery in 2014.

    So I can catheterise through my belly button. "Well um"

    Please keep me posted ???



  • Sorry Steve posted a reply noticed date lol too late I'm new to site as you will notice SORRY

  • Hi.

    Don't worry.


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