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I'm back !!!!

Hello ,

To update , I had my op on Tuesday and it went really well.

The nursing staff were great and so was the Consultant, but the after care was crap . I know some of you felt this way too ! I didn't go to theatre till about 5 , and came back about 7 . Nearly everyone had gone home by then , and when the 8.00 shift started , it went a bit downhill . I only saw 2 HCA'S walking up and down the corridor who once in a while came in to check blood pressure , hardly spoke or smiled ! The place was deserted !!! Waited till 11.15 to see a doctor so that I could go home .

Although the aftercare was anything but great lol I stayed positive and grateful to have this massive cyst ( consultants words !) out ! He took photos of it too !

Anyway, i'm getting better every day and would like to say a big thankyou to all those that commented on my previous posts x

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so glad thta everything went well for you know I experienced the same with the aftercare.did they give you a follow up appt.i never did and had to go to my doctor twice.i still don't believe my problem is stomach is more swollen since my op and the meds my doctor gave me for it don't seem to be having any effect.i kjnow my weight gain is all abdominal ,can bloating make someone gain 22 lbs inweight??



Yes , they told me that I will be sent a follow up app.

I couldn't say about the weight gain , although it does sound a bit odd to me , but then again i'm not a doctor!

All I can say is to keep on until you get an answer.

Have you told the doctor how you feel ? If you're not satisfied get a 2nd opinion .

Good luck x


hi larissa

2nd attempt I went to submit my answer and my computer flicked back to facebook???cant remember what I said now.

ive told my dr over and over how I feel (and by letters)but he still says cos bloods are normal i dont have either lupus or thyroid probs despite having stomach is getting bigger and bigger by the day /I want to go back and see him and say I am still not happy with things being dismissed.dont know how long it will be before I get copies of my bloods for the last year.meanwhile im so stressed out withthis ESA scandal!!amon page 6 of tellign them how fibro etc affects me and everything I cannot do which is literally everything-cannot do anything with my hands and that's without mental health issues.feel so angry etc when like many others told unfit for work by DWP in 2007 and htings are 100% worse now.will call hospital to se ewhy I haven't had a follow up appt.


glad your op went well, but they can hardly call it "after CARE"


lol very true x



I was truly thinking of you last Tuesday, but I couldn't find my last post to you (had a bit of a stressful week!) so that I could ask you how it went.

V glad to hear that all is well ~ if not probably uncomfortable.

Thanks for letting us know how you got on.

Just out of interest were you told about the not driving for 6 weeks?


Coz xx


Hi ,

I was told not to drive for 2 wks x


hi Larissa glad all went well and you are home safe and sound, wishing you a speedy recovery, gentle hugs ....Dee xx


Thanks Dee x


I am glad you are now home and getting better. I know what u mean with regard to care on wards. I was taken in via A&E for uncontrollable blood pressure. I got to the ward at about 22.30 and there was no one around. I asked at the desk where I was going and she point over to an empty bed so I went. And. That was it, no one did talked to me or check my BP. Nights then went out and I tried to get some sleep, not much. Then in the morning I asked for some water, didn't get any, the lady who comes round with tea and breakfast to be told I was on nil by mouth. Buy now I had lost the will to fight. A few hours later the doctor came round and told me I looked dehydrated !! Told him I had asked for water and food. He said I should of had both

All I got was " sorry". Now it will be over my dead body will I ever stay in hospital again.

Please continue to get better, try and accept help that is offered it really does help

Best wishes and soft hugs. Caroline xxx


What a negative experience ! I am so glad I had my OH with me .

I strongly believe that nurturing care is very important , not just meds etc xxx


I am so pleased all has gone well for you save the "Care" but at least you are good and getting better keep it going - Wishing you a speedy recovery xgins


Thankyou xgins,

I feel stronger every day x


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