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Are we all sitting as comfortable as we can ?? Then I shall carry on with the story :)

So Mr and Mrs were sat in their front room having a nice hot cup of coffee, they looked over at the clock on the wall and the Big hand was on the number 10 and the little hand was on the number 2 so the time was 2:10pm ( just in case you cant work out the time ) hehehehe :) . All of a sudden a BIG white Lorry pulled up outside of the house, Mr & Mrs C started to get all excited and giddy “ This must be the delivery” said Mr C, “Oh I do hope so” said Mrs C. Then there was a knock at the door, a very nice man said “ I have a delivery for you” It was the mattresses they had been waiting for, the very nice man and his friend carried the mattresses into the house and placed them in the front room, Mr & Mrs C thanked two men and said goodbye. :)

Now Mr & Mrs C needed to fetch there old mattresses down the stairs and put them into the back of there people carrier, ( Now it was time for the fun to begin) :) , First they started to fetch the King size mattress down the stairs, Mrs C was at one end & Mr C was at the other, as the mattress was half way down it got stuck on the ceiling ( IT’S A LOW CEILING ) so after a lot of pushing and pulling the mattress finally gave up the fight and was taken outside to the car, Mrs C said if we bend it in half it will fit in the back, Mr & Mrs C started to bend the King Size mattress in half but every time they tried to pick it up the mattress sprung open, ) it looked just like something out of a cartoon LOL ) after the 4th attempt they managed to get the mattress into the car, next was baby Chorley’s mattress that had to be put into the car, this one went in without any problems, Mrs C closed the back of the car as Mr C Hobbled back to the house. “ I am KNAKERD” said Mr C, his arms, legs and back were VERY sore, Now it was time for a ride to the tip it get rid of the mattresses.

Mrs C drove the car all the way to the tip with Mr C relaxing in the passenger seat, once at the tip Mr & Mrs C got out of the car and opened the back door, The big men in bright yellow vests saw Mr C with his walking stick, Mrs C smiled at the big men who came over to the car and offered to help unload it, Mr & Mrs C said thank you that would be very nice of them, the big men in bright yellow vests unloaded the car and threw the old mattresses into one of the big skips, Mr & Mrs C said thank you, got into the car and waved good bye.

Once they had arrived home Mr & Mrs C got out of the car, Mr C was finding it very difficult to get out of the car so Mrs C gave a helping hand ( With her foot hehehe, only kidding ) When they finally got into the house Mrs C told Mr C that he needed to rest before they attempted to take the new mattresses up the stairs, Mr C did as Mrs C asked and sat to relax on the sofa, Mrs C brought Mr C a nice hot cup of coffee so Mr C could relax without having to get up for a while.

Now it was time to take the new mattresses up the stairs to the bedrooms…


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'Mrs C smiled at the big men who came over to the car and offered to help unload it'. Well done Mrs C, a bit of flirting - sorry, a nice big smile - goes a long way, I do it regularly when requiring help from said men in bright yellow vests. Sounds like a bit of a mare getting the old mattresses down the stairs! Mrs C should have smiled at the nice delivery men and asked if they could possibly carry the new ones upstairs.... :) :)

We'll all be sitting here in the morning waiting to hear if you slept ok.


Heheheh yep a smile goes along way :) and we had to have the old ones downstairs beore we could take the new ones up as there isnt a lot of space on the landing LOL :)


LOL Glad i am not going to be keeping you awake waiting for part 2 :)


Bless Ya , Hope you both are having a nice rest. Love your posts Mr & Mrs C X


Hi Lou, will tell you all tomorrow :)


Hi Jules, glad you are enjoying the blogs :)


Hi mr and mrs c lol,

I love reading your stories they do make me laugh.

kel xxx


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