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No to ESA

Wrote this this morning but it went missing.

Had a medical on 27th Feb and got letter today saying I am not entitled to ESA.

I have been on Incapacity Benefit for 4+ years! I slept for 2 days after the medical!!

Feel like crying - no other income and totally incapable of working - what should I do?

Was too tired this morning to even deal with the letter.

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That is so unfair! Can you appeal? Do you have a Social Worker? They are meant to help you so it might be worth asking for one. I really feel for you, I don't know what to say. I hope someone can help. Go onto their site and find out about an appeal and see if you can gather more evidence than you had before. Include statements from anyone who has treated you and your doctor especially. It is so ridculous!

Good luck!


this happened to me ruth i am awaiting an appeal date ,, ask your gp to back you up mine has written a long assesment .. also i have written statements from close friends and family stating how they see how i am affected ,, try and get a welfare advisor to attend with you xxx


Thanks peeps will do everything you suggest. xx


I got knocked back the first time, so upsetting and stressful makes us more ill. I had to take it to appeal. That was only 12 months ago and now they're dragging me back in again I'm sick of it tbh!!!!!! I can't work I have days I just sleep away. I do foster a little boy but he is my 2nd cousin no one else wanted him and after his dad died I just couldn't see him go into care. I get alot of support but they seem to think having a child means you can work. My Gp and Rheumy are fantastic and very supportive. Good Luck I have my forms to fill in now so we can support each other xxxxxxx


Thanks Louby, it seems we get peanalised for trying our best to cope with this illness. xxxx


Exactly hun you try your hardest so your not just wallowing in self pity and they penalise you it would have killed me to have had to let Adam go into care I would love to work but I know when I push it I'm laid up for days :( xxx


Try Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd


This is a brilliant site that you contribute to. It's not very much - about £20.00 per year but they have advisors to help you and lots of extremely useful information.

Hope this helps. x


hi there ive been turned down 4 times already went for my medical again yestaday i have a feeling wot the outcome will be again , i hope not i wont be able to deal with it again ,you will have to appeal about it then you will get payed ...


Have lodged my appeal by phone and they are sending out the appeal forms. Due to see my gp tomorrow anyway so will discuss then.

The medical report by the dss is completely out of context... can't believe what the woman wrote!!


I am going through the same ruth Waiting for my appeal forms to come through , I cant believe what was written on my report , There were answers yes to questions i wasnt even asked


Got my appeal forms - been too tired to complete them so far. Saw gp and he gave me a medical line for 2 months. During appeal process you have to send them medical lines!!!!

Will keep you all posted as to what happens next.

Thanks all xxx


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