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ESA or DLA Atos medical in 2weeks time

The much awaited letter dropped through the letterbox yesterday, after receiving ESA since March 2014. I did however ask for DLA revision as my condition had in my opinion deteriorated over the last three months and I had only ever been awarded the lowest rate DLA. I have been diagnosed with inflammatory poly arthritis, CHD, and hypertension

After reading ever so many posts on here over the last 8 months or so I am unclear as to what to expect, at the medical/ review/ interrogation

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Hi twinks can't give you any advise as still waiting for my medical for both as haven't had a medical for either yet ,my CAB adviser tells me there's a chap here in my part of Welsh wales has a 18 month waiting list , for these medicals ,so all I can do is wish you luck x



Hi Twinks following my recent (interrogation) I would definitely advise you to have someone with you to witness/stand up for you or to record the meeting which I believe you are able to do. I received a letter today from them and I think I and my assessor were at two different meetings. As to what to expect I know that I googled atos esa forms when I was filling mine out and got a web site that explained what each question was asking and how many points you got for each question etc. I can't remember what it was offhand but it was an official esa/atos/dla or whatever website. Best of luck at your meeting. Lenore x


I'm taking my hubby with me, but he will need to keep quiet as he can be rather sarcastic, he had the Scarborough Warning, but thanks for the responses. If they find me fit to work, just not sure what employer will have an employee who can't use her hands


Good luck with your medical. I have been on ESA since june and got a letter from PIP at the end of july to say they had received my form and i should here from them again in 12 - 16 weeks. I also have not had a medical yet but they have contacted my GP for supporting information. I am dreading the day i have to go for a medical because of all the different stories I have heard. Fingers crossed its good new when you have your medical with them and its not too long a process. xx


Hi Tinkywinky

I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck, and I genuinely hope that you achieve your desired outcome.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you Ken, your comments are sincerely appreciated.


Make sure that you make them aware of the bad days not the normal days. Do not try to do anything that you cannot do, no matter how much they insist. Do not wear clothes with loads of buttons or lace up shoes these all show dexterity. It is important that you have some one with you so that they can confirm any errors that may occur because of interpretation issues. If you have any medical notes that are dated before your claim ask your JSC to fax or send internally to the department. and take copies with you and hand them over to confirm your conditions. (Time might be an issue for JSC)

CAB or AgeUK have advisor's that might help.

I am plodding though a 92 page document on PIP point interpretation. So much double speak it is not easy but what they say and mean are different! I found I should get another 4 points just because of the way I have worded my claim and simply forgot to mention it. I am as I said only a tenth the way though it so I expect a lot more.

Good Luck and keep us updated.


Good advice from Offcut. DEFINITELY do not go on your own! Write down any points you need to remember and tick them off as you go. It sounds awful, but do not look too good! We all like to look out best when we meet others but remember what you may look like first thing in the morning on one of your worst days ( do not use good or bad but worst and better) let your appearance reflect this so that they see you as you would look on a worst day. Obviously you can't go in your pjs, which is how I would spend my worst days, but they may ask about how you cope with putting on clothes by yourself, and if you wear clothes without buttons, zips, laces etc, it saves you having to explain that you can only come out dressed in "proper" clothes if you have someone else with you. They can and do challenge everything, so be prepared and know what you have written in your application. Eg. I said I neede help,to get cleaned at the loo because of IBS problems, and tiredness from Fibro and they asked me if if had never heard of a toilet which washed and dried you -I hadn't, but researched it when I came home and found out that they cost about £1300 or more! I don't think there's much chance of getting one of those from occupational health.

Sorry if I have added to your apprehension about your appointment. Your husband is within his rights to speak if he tells them that he wants to do so. He's probably like mine, though, who got so annoyed at the extra stress I was subjected to and saw the effect it was having on me and tried to intervene but was told to be quiet! Remember he is the one who knows you best and make sure he tells them that.

I really hope it all goes well for you. Let us know what happens. Xoxoxo


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