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My DR's left!

Well would you believe it just rang to make an appointment to see theDR who first thought I had fibro and sent me to the rhumy, he's been brilliant with this.....and he's left!

Im in the middle of my clain for DLA and was hoping he would do a report for me as he knows best how it affects me and he's gone, I cant believe it.

So there goes any chance of my DLA claim going through this time and I've got to hope another DR at the practice knows as much about it as he did.

Well fed up!!

Oh and good morning peeps, lol :)

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Good idea Jules, I've got to ring tomoz to try and get an appointment with another doc so will ask then. xx


Sorry twiglet,

Hope you get another one sorted quick.

good luck.

kel xxx


I no how you feel, my family all move to a new practice and the dr there was the first one that showed any interest in the 20 years I've had this. She really sympathised and got me on proper medication etc. My husband also has medical issues and the same with him. Then out of the blue she was told that they couldn't afford to keep her on and she left,, was absolutely gutted so am back to square one.

I hope you get your forms sorted though, I should have got them to look at my forms I have sent off an appeal for DSA, its a scarey business.

Good luck with it all

Sharon xx


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