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PIP Assessment today

Well at the beginning of December I was all set waiting for my home PIP Assessment and they didn't arrive! Phone never being answered, so my hubby sent an email to them (Capita). I've now got someone coming at 3pm, hopefully! I'm not feeling nervous this time, but I do feel like a guinea pig with this company, who so far are struggling with loosing claim forms, not sending recommendations to the DWP for 2mths or more! I shall be asking when mine will be sent and my hubby is also recording the assessment on his dictaphone, not that they will know. It's a sad case of affairs when I'm having to fight to get any sort of help, which I believe is down to the many people who were claiming DLA, when they could have worked. I've worked all my life, with a break to look after my children and have never claimed a penny from the State. My hubby had to retire from his work in Feb 2012 to be able to look after me. I shall be 60yrs in Feb and he will be 63yrs in April and he's always had well paid jobs where he's paid nearly half in taxes, plus the NI, so where's our advert, instead of the media showing what they call scroungers who've never worked! I went through the DLA appeal process last year and was turned down. That in itself put me in a long flare up. So after waffling so much, sorry, please keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll let you know how this new company shape up. Have a good day. Denise :)

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Goodluck Magenta I will keep my fingers crossed for you that every thing goes well . Just tell them how it is talk about the worse days and if you need a pause to et your thoughts in order ask for one. Good luck xgins


Good luck Denise, Will be sending positive thoughts and look forward to hearing how it goes. I haven't got this far, I'm awaiting tribunal for my DLA claim for which they only awarded me low rate care.


good luck , xx


Hi magenta. good luck for today, I hope they get it right this time. xx


May I join the others in wishing you all the very best and that things turn out well for you, positive vibes coming your way :-)

Foggy x


Hello Magenta,

Hope all goes well. Please do contact us at FibroAction at as I can send you some information which may help with your PIP claim.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


good luck hope all goes well having to wait formy claim as dwp rang me to say claim for pip as my dla duefor renewal so hope it all goes well x lifeless


Hi there hope it went well and love your crown so Celtic/Wicca


Hope all went well.




Hi Magenta how did your assessment go, did they actually turn up this time. I hope you are feeling more relaxed now its (hopefully) all over.

Best wishes for 2014


Thank you all for the good vibes and apologies for not replying sooner.

All went well, the assessor was an ex A n E nurse, very nice and seemingly understanding, also very apologetic for no one coming before. She didn't know why, but said the CEO would be following my case all the way now.

She was here just over 2hrs, phew, and it didn't help that her pc data base had crashed n she had to hand write everything! I came and sat on my bed half way through, and hubby brought a dining chair for her.

I asked when she would be sending the report to DWP n she said that as it was Xmas, it probably not go now until Jan 2 and usually takes 30 days to hear after that, but not to worry as it would be backdated to when the claim was put in.

She took my BP after the interview n it was 175/95 so she wanted to wait 5mins., and then retake lol next reading was 175/100, she told me to take it for the next few days n if it didn't lower to go to the 24hr clinic at our hospital! I took it the next morn., and it was 135/95, I didn't bother after that as I'm on meds., for hypertension and will go to my gp in New Year if the bottom figure doesn't go below 90.

So that was it, as she drove away in her Audi Convertable lol.

The next day was Xmas Eve and I just had to rest in bed most of the day, as we went to my eldest son's Xmas day. Bless my hubby, he made 2 cakes with me yelling instructions n wrapped the gifts.

Thank you once again and I'll let you know what happens.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2014 :)

Thank you Emma, I'll email you re claim form and Royalspec, it was a circlet of fresh Ivy and specific herbs which I wore at our Handfasting in 2006 to renew our vows on our 25th year, I'm a practising Pagan, passed on from my Grandmother.

Blessings all xxx


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