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lost the plot fibro fog getting worse

have lost the plot completly :-P fibro fog is really getting to me

have no idea what im doing all the time ,took my painkillers this morning did school run and started to feel really strange

i then remembered that i forgot to eat somthing !!

the other day i took too many painkillers cause i couldnt remember if id taken them :( the thing is its not like you can say "well im not in pain so i must of taken them "

been trying to comment on peoples blogs and all im doing is writing gobly gook

so im not being rude i just cant seem to find the words at all today

its taken me 15 mins just to write this !!!! :-P

anyway hope everone is ok and gentle hugs to everyone

lynz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Morning Lynz,

I was the exact same last night, trying to watch Fringe (which is hard to follow at the best of times!) on Co codamol and Pregabalin with neck and wrist pain! Not easy!! I am lucky with the word finding. (my 19 yr old daughter finishes my sentences off for me).

Hope it gets easier as the day goes on - at least the kids are at school so you can talk to your self and know exactly what you meant to say even if it doesn't come out the way you wanted it to! My cat and dog listen to my blabbing!



Morning lynz,

hope you get your head back today.

Its horrible, i couldnt work out what day it was today, its really scarey sometimes.

I also forget if i have taken my pills, and the pills we are on you really cant double them can you.

I do forget to eat sometimes too and its not until i get that weak feeling i then remeber too.

kel xxx


me too you would think id be really slim but no ,no such luck lol


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