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Fibro fog

Hello Everyone, Hope it's not too bad a day for anyone? . This might just be me but, today I was due a telephone assessment from the Pain Clinic, three quarters after 12.00 I decided to ring them, which I find scary as I have a stammer, but I bit the bullet and rang them, I explained that I never got my pr arranged phone call. The woman went away for a few seconds to check!. She came back on the line an said " It's tomorrow". Is that the fibromyalgia fog!!. I felt really stupid thanks fibro fog. In bed now again when I get up in a morning it's not long before I'm thinking of my bedroom again. What a life Pain Pain and more Pain . I just want to be me again. Oh well that's my moaning done sorry everyone. Lots of hugs to everyone. P.S. Excuse my grammar.

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Fibro fog causes me huge embarrassment, so much so that it makes me cry. I feel stupid. I sometimes can't even string a sentence together, what happened to you, happens to me so many times. I feel for you


I am so genuinely sorry to read that but please do not feel too upset or embarrassed as everyone can, and does make mistakes from time to time. I want to gneuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your telephone assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I agree good luck

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Girl your grammar is great compared to mine. I have spell check or on my bad days you would need a translator!! Yes fog can do that. I have shown up at doctors office and thankfully the girls there know me because she very gently explained that I was a week and two days early for my appointment. The doctor I see was at another clinic that day. I looked at her and said ok can you call me the day before to let me know. Now of course since we moved the girl that makes the appointments just watches me put it in my phone. She has hum had to tell me a few times no ma'am it's on this day. Would you like me to put it in your phone for you. I just hand over my phone because I don't want to stand there another ten minutes trying to figure out how to do it. They are so sweet they just look at me and say one of those days. Yep


I didn't mean to sound so negative! Sorry for that. Must have been a bad day.


Hi it's ok, I didn't think you were negative, Every day is a struggle for us all.


I am fortunate that both the GP and the hospital send a text the day before appointments.....all I have to do is remember to get bloods done....and have been known to get the wrong set done....the liver guy was not amused but the rheumatologist understood the fog affect and just sent me then to get them done and come back in a couple of hours and he'd have the results


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