Got OT coming at last. Thanks everyone :o)

I just wanted to thank all the people on this site who give such great advice every day.

I've been strugeling with simple things like a bath for a few years now, my husband lifts me in and out and I spoke to my GP prob 12mth ago about it and she said maybe I should call social services but when I got home I was to afraid to having had probs with being called a fraud before I couln't face it.

After reading all the blogs ect.. on this site however I decided to just be brave and call them and they were lovely and said I definatly qualify for help and will have a home visit very soon to see what they can do to make my life easier, I'm so glad I found this site you all inspire me to stick up for myself and not just hide away as I have done for so long so again thanks everyone!!!! :o)

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  • Thanks Jules, hope the wet room works out for you it sounds great.

    Hugs back to you xx

  • i didnt find it easy to ask for help, it took my 2 yrs to admit I was really ill, it also nearly cost me my 36yr marriage my hubby had a breakdown, it was only when his councellor told me to get the help I obviously needed.that I contacted OT they decided to get me a social worker, and that soon got things moving

  • Hi jessy it was my stepmum who phoned social services for me and i was abit angry at the time, but they came out within days and had loads sorted for me.

    hope you get everything you need, dont hold back, tell them everything.

    kel xxx

  • Its brilliant to hear being able to share and see we all need some help has got you over that big hurdle. Congtats at taking a big step and heres hoping they can make your life a little esiar. hugs xxx

  • * easier

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