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AT LAST! Good News!

Hi all

At last I've got my DLA decision after 22 weeks they've awarded me higher rate mobility and zero for care which I may contest, haven't decided yet.

My husband and I are so shocked we want to frame the letter LOL

Seriously, just keep hoping and having a bit of faith we've been through this so many times that we call it 'waiting for rejection!' Get help from an organisation who'll represent you as it lessens the stress on you as they do the hard bit.

Big gentle hugs to all


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please could you tell me what help organisers can help??


welfare rights were who I used but there's also the citizen's advice bureaux who deal with housing issues too (I think). I just read your post as you were replying to mine and I can't believe you've gone all that time struggling.

You can find these organisations on-line and they'll have a contact us section.

I e-mailed welfare rights explaining my circumstances and asked if they could help and if the answer was yes would it be possible for someone to come and see me at the house and they did.

The guy explained things clearly and filled out any forms and took it right through to the end.

CAB can supply you with lots of advice about many things and also help with form and representation if required.

Also, there's a section on here about help with benefits etc,. too

Another site to check is its awash with all kinds of helpful info.

Hope this helps you hun let me know how you get on

Take care



thankyou so much il try and call them and oh p.s so glad you won xx


Hi fairytails

I responded to your post but I'm not sure if you received it? The other people on here are far more experienced than me, but I've looked up an email address for you so that you can contact the CAB:

0844 2451292

There will be an email address for the CAB which is local to where you live, but hopefully that's a small starting point for you. I'm fairly new to this site and have found an amazing group of people who are always willing to help and advise.

Hope this helps

Coz x



I use the Benefits and Work website as my local welfare rights, great as they are, are so bogged down that getting to see someone is virtually impossible. I know they couldn't help me with the ESA form so already being a member of B&W I have used their guides and the advice from the moderators and I am about to send it off today. Fingers crossed that I get the same result again. Many organisations are simply overwhelmed at the moment. Well done for getting your DLA though.


Thankyou silverstar,

I agree with you about organisations being inundated with requests at the moment I hope you're successful too, I'll keep fingers crossed for you. I don't know why my text is coming out in weird places, I think my mates dog just tried typing LOL




Well done and congratulations. It's such a relief when you finally get the good news and the stress is taken away. You can now relax for a while and not worry.

tannels xx


Thankyou, and yes its such a relief. Now I can get things I need but couldn't afford before we're very very relieved.



If you want the benefits and work sheets please email and Emma can send the sheets out for free

VG x


Zeb, I'm so pleased you've got the higher rate mobility, at least you can contest the care component at some point in the future.

Foggy x


That's great news, you must be so relieved! Hopefully you can relax a bit now.

Becky xx


Hi everyone

Thankyou, for all of your kind regards I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for all of you that are applying and waiting too and wish you a hopeful success.

It is a huge relief, tho the care component is devastating and the report suggest umpteen false statements that we know the doc did not right down. We don't want to risk losing our mobility award and have decided not to take it to tribunal.

Thanks again



So so pleased for you on your award of DLA yes frame it I say .

I do not think they realise the 'stress' it causes just having to try deal with it & fill forms and the fact a lot is repeated twice trying to confuse you more in a hope of putting something different (what a waste of paper)

I was refused & it is now going to court (which did not know this happened) so can take a long time!

I did as others suggested ie my worst days but still not helped.

The Dr's notes is what refused it. So we are going to see them on Wednesday xx

Again so happy for you !

Huggles Caroline xx


thankyou and sorry to hear yours is being dragged out even longer. I hope its not too long

take care and remember to take time out for relaxation when you feel stressed

big hugs



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