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Ok my fm fem friends Adaptions got Social Services coming

Ok my fm fem friends Adaptions got Social Services coming

Soo i made a call to ask about adaptions because i was told i should!!

I used to have hand rail outside up the stairs which were previous tenants, but since i never needed anything back then we took it down to open up the gatden.

It will be difficult when it gets worse with weather!

My house is hilly so even the trellis i have to hold onto its a big step.

Just dreading it. But never knew about this it was Blue badge who said and our Dr receptionist gave me social services number.

I asked for outside hand rail, stair banister as one is not always enough ,

One for loo as you all may be aware getting up snd down.

I csnnot use my sink as its not fitted properly and my window sill is a bit away, so there is 2 other ways i use.

They say 2-3 days to get in touch but not sure on when will take place.

If it takes place but no idea why not as i gave my issues over the phone and straight away had it all ball rolling so is this a good thing?

He said to me if i think of anything else to mention at assesment, so what else?? I did say a highchair for my work tops in kitchen to beable to prepare food as standing long is really hard!

Stairlift not sure i go that far 'just yet' but on my bad days it is a bad struggle completely i can barely get to the loo across from bedroom.

But when ok inbetween i feel hmmm should iiii .

Shower- well i paid last year for bath taking out and shower putting in (still fall out of that)! :-/

And the bathroom is like a builders site as not been able to finish.

So has anyone else gone through this and what else do i need to know or help please with xxx

I know i will cry!! But it will help as each little thing that keeps adding to my problems is emotional but a relief am getting somewhere.

This is so weird as my close neighbours are going to wander whats going on but odd ones know how less i have done in past couple yrs, but no idea why.

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I had some adaptations done an extra stair rail hand rail in the toilet and a wet room done. I didnt have to pay anythinga as I am in receipt of council tax benefit I got the small jobs done very quickly but the wet room was months because they have to get estimates from different companies but its done now and I am pleased with it. Was very sad to see my bath go but hadnt been in it for quite a while due to my lack of mobility. i hope that you get sorted soon x x x


I too had my flat adapted by social services. An OT came to see me, she was lovely and went through everything, she even made me think of things I hadn't thought of.

I had an extra stair rail fitted on the stairs into my flat and grab rails around the bath. They were unable to remove my bath as my flat is a housing association flat so they applied for a grant to get an over bath shower fitted instead with an extra grab rail.

The stair rail and 2 grab rails around the bath were fitted very quickly - less than a month. The shower took longer - about 5 months start to finish I think. As getactive said if you get council tax benefit or housing benefit it should all be done free of charge as there are grants to apply for to pay for it. Don't panic the OT did all the arranging and form filling, I just had to sign bits of paper that's all. Then I just sat and waited - all stress free.

They also fitted an intercom system so I can open my flat door from the top of the stairs. I also got a perching stool for the kitchen and a bath board so I can sit down in the shower when my legs are bad.

There's things to help you get out of bed and alsorts so make sure you apply for all you need. A lot of the things are supplied by the NHS so are free.

If you are worried you'll forget something (good old fibro fog) start writing down notes of what you find a struggle and then when the OT arrives you can work out a plan together.

Good luck with it and keep us posted with how you get on :D


Thanks very muchly Getactive and Akasha it is great to see support on here and help as sometimes i am so tied up with everything that my brain does not think and even my getting out to check work is done is getting less with this weather so i have to hope the girls keep up the hard work. They deserve so much but i just have not got it to give . my home is at risk too at minute but of everything going on but i am such a determined positive thinker well maybe p/t lol .

The guy on the fone said to me to jot things down.

but never gave me much insight as to what i could have and when i have bad days everything is difficult and that can be even just getting my self up from my bed i have to have hubby help me by my arms as the pains too much. but these are not all the time,

we have to go on our worst days and mine are most weekends so it seems just when i need to relax and do things wiht the family the most!! i think it is my body knowing it is on shut down from work and says thats it your staying in bed ! :-/ but i say no stop it and let me get about..

the pic is not very good above but it is actually my stairs out of my garden there are 4 lots 3 & 2 steps but its some how co-ordination and getting them to lift up and of course the balance stuff and nothing to hold on to ..the other bit the garden i can walk up most of time but theres a big step to get up so there is a garden trellis as support for me to grab. i am dreading worse weather as it has been black ice and so scared of slipping and doing more damage.

he did mention the stair banister i can use one but use the wall for the other support.

i asked about a chair (think i mentioned above)

Walk in shower too late since we put one in but i still trip and theres no seat so i still struggle with it all. at times.

As what you said Akasha the intercom system not thought of anything like that but i hope its a possiblity for when i am so rough i cannot get down stairs cannot even go to sit on my bum and slide down lol its too much.

But yet looking at me i look perfectly healthy a lot of times, but those are the days i get out and no one sees anything else.

My Dr's is literealy 100yrds from my house and i take the car and park in the disability spot lol as my legs give on me more now for some reason and i feel that doped up but the effects are the wrong effects so Dr's have refered me back to pain clinic hopefully to try injections and maybe this will give me a 'clearer' head in some way..

i really do appreciate your feedback and if anyone can think of anything to help i would be truly truly grateful!!!

i dont get any councit tax or housing benefit help with us both working (well i classed as not working weird i know)

xxxxxx very gentle softly huggles and sorry for the essay ..i can just type type type my best feature! when fingers not too painful


I had adaptations too. I didn't pay cos I'm in a council house, but I cannot move from here for 5 years, not that I would want to anyway!! I've had a wet room, I couldn't get in and out of the bath either, and I've had a shower toilet that washes me and dries me. That is a real, real help as I live alone. I have had a number of grab rails fitted and a better back step built. I am soooo pleased with everything!!! It's well worth it, even if they did do it in the middle of winter and I nearly froze to death while they were installing it, it was well worth it!!


I had some things like a seat for the shower about 10 yrs ago and grab rails either side, but I paid myself to have a new higher height toilet and rising bar on the side, but my main concern is the high step into the shower at the moment but even f they paid fir a wet room for me, however tiny the room is, it would be such a waste of what it's cost me already. it cost me more for the toilet than you can buy a whole bathroom suite, isn't tbabout time toilet manufactures realised that low level toilets are dangerous, not just for us, but for able bodied too. kids these days all seem to be growing taller, but the standard height of a loo hasn't changed!

hope you get what you need. if you don't ask you don't get, if they can't fund it they will let you know, but it's always worth asking xxx


if you are short, a high level loo is not good either. dangling legs an all. (i'm serious!) also, short men need to be able to 'aim' if you know what i mean.

anyway, each to their own... that's why Occ Health Apps are great if you can get em.

we are all different :) xx


I'm only 5ft lol xx


me too -- different strokes ;) xx


I got extra rails, was offered a stair lift but declined. I will struggle, i only go up and down them once in a day. I also got a wash/dry toilet which is a life saver. Love it so much. I have had a bigger bath put in with a bath lift. They made a big step up into my house into 2 so its much easier to get up and down. I got a toilet rail, a perching stool and little things for the kitchen. Things to grip lids, foam to go on knives and forks for when your arms dont bend right, Good luck, hope you get everything to help you x


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