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How to deal with numerous illnesses?!?! Help!

Hi there,

So i am 25 years old and I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I already have endometriosis and pernicious anemia. Feeling incredibly overwhelmed with the whole situation and was wondering f anyone has any advice on how to deal with multiple illnesses which all have serious side effects?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I have multiple illnesses too. I ensure that I take all the different medications prescribed at right time. Because I have so many I break it down to early morning, mid morning and late morning so as to not overload my body in one go. The pain ones in the first batch! It's important not to let one go because the others are more important. I made the mistake of not monitoring my insulin controlled diabeties as much as I should while trying to sort fibro pain out. But this then lead to more probs down the line. Have to play juggling game and keep appointments apart so not too tiring within one week. I often have telephone chats with my GP as well he's great to save the effort of going in that can wipe me out the following day just for the trip. Many chemists deliver these days too so you can set it on repeat and every two months two carrier bags full turn up for me.

I have learnt from reading on the forum that fibro is not on its own it brings friends with it!

Best of Luck Patrick


Hi I to have multiple conditions ,and fibro on top is the icing on cake , and because I ignored them and went into denile it's been a hard learning curve , I didn't come to terms with anything till my body said ok ,you are going to listen , by not working any more , so I spent most of 2014 sleeping , woke up the beggining of Spring 2015 and tryed to carry on like I was better as I was awake and life made me poorly again ,

The things that have helped me have been really good gps this site , a pain and fatigue clinic , which has stopped expecting to much of me , it taught me exceptance , pacing , what meds actually help and what doesn't ,meeting new people , and to laugh again that's important. ,

I still get overwhelmed but I have found support here , from others that don't judge they actually get what I am rattling on about , and I have found friends .

Have they decided on a course of treatment for you endometrisis , please ask for a pain and fatigue clinic for your fibro , also hot tub works miracle ,if you can get to use one , yoga also is good ,Hatha yoga it's gentle ,

The best advise I was given early on was to be kind and gentle to myself .

Which I thought was a bit indulgent of my GP , because I always came last , now I try to take time out ,and take myself away from stressful stituations .


Chris 😊


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

I have multiple illness and I have a care plan through my GP, I have 10mg of steroids daily and I always have rescue packs of medication at home consisting of antibiotics and extra steroids. I am given different medications for emergencies only and I am listed as vulnerable on my GP's computer for when I ring up for an appointment so I can alt least get access to a nurse at very short notice.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi there, I have brittle asthma, IBS, fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis,cervical spondylitis,b12 deficienc, hypothyroidism. Have had a Nissan fundoplicatio and follow up repair to stop food reflux into the lungs.

Dealing with multiple conditions can be very wearing, take each day as it comes, be guided by your body and rest when it tells you.

I work full time because I want too and I treasure my weekends but if staying in bed is what my body needs to recharge so be it.

Let people know how you feel, I'm plaqued by the ' you don't look ill' (unless the asthma is in full swing then people panic! )

Get into a routine with meds, I too break my 29 different medications into am\mid day\pm

Get support and don't be afraid to say how you're feeling.



Day by day. Honestly I can't tell you from one day to the next what causes what pain. I just deal with pain day by day.


Thanks everyone I really appreciate the advice. What a great site! :)


I too have loads of illnesses and all I will say is this .First grieve for the things you no longer do or have etc then accept and rejoice in what you still can do .I see you have just been diagnosed so you will still be in the grieving stage ,it will pass I promise you .Im blessed I have a wonderful husband and I'm also a creative person .I always have something to make in sewing ,paper craft ,they are a distraction to the pain ..Try not to worry or get overwhelmed as I know it can be very overwhelming .A positive attitude is key when you can .With the pain from fibro when

i get into a fibro flare I take my extra pain relief every four hours for a few days .It helps me .I really hope you can get your head around it all ,you will just be kind to yourself .😇

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I too have multiple illnesses: Fibro, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Sjorgens, Asthma, Rosacea. Each one has its problems, I'm on a large amount of medications, and spread them out. I set my alarm at 4.30pm for a certain tablet as I cant take it any later as it causes too many problems the next day.

I have pain everyday, sometimes its difficult to understand 'what' is causing it, as a few of my conditions overlap. I am now trying to listen to my body, learning to pace my self, rest, rest rest is the biggest thing I can do for myself. I am at the point of accepting that I can no longer carry on working, I only work 4 hours 3 days a week but the pain, fatigue I suffer just to do this disrupts my daily living to the point that when I get home I collapse onto my recliner and cant do anything, someone has pulled the plug, my energy has gone! I have been fighting this decision for months but have accepted that I have to.

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Hi Bumblebee, so sorry to hear you have all these things at once. I know how it feels to get multiple diagnosed illnesses. You just come to terms with having one thing wrong, and then more come along to keep them company! I see you have Pernicious Anaemia and Fibro along with endometriosis, have you had your thyroid function checked too? I'm only asking because it often fits into the pattern, accompanying the others. I have underactive thyroid, asthma, pernicious anaemia and Fibromyalgia, and am gradually getting used to the last two. They were the most recent to be diagnosed. Everyone else has given good advice, pacing yourself, so you don't overdo it on the good days is very important. I found out the hard way that you pay for it later. Find things you can do that make you feel good, I enjoy yoga, but it has to be gentle exercise. Lots of people do crafts, sewing, art, etc... Anyway, just wishing you to feel as well as you can, and saying welcome to the forum. MariLiz x

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Hi bumblebee, sorry to hear you have so much to deal with at such a young age and yes it is overwhelming. I like you have many things to deal with Pernecious anemia, chronic kidney disease, vascular disease, c.o.p.d and fibro. Now if you ask your Dr can you have what medication you take in a blister pack, your b12 is definately the most important one. We have to keep our b12 at home, but remembering to take it with me is my problem. All the other medication goes into a blister pack which has various times on it and your medication is put into said times. Don't let it get to you that's when mistakes are made. Go to your gp and let us know how you get on. Good Luck. ( Izzy is my name) xxx

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