Lovely day

Good morning everyone

Hope you are all well as can be today. The sun is shining always makes me feel a little Better hope it does the same for you. ☀️☀️☀️☀️

My little dog is so lost without her best mate Stella it's just over a week now since we lost her, we haven't had our bed to ourselves yet.

Just now the church bells area ringing not a sound we here a lot now so nice to be up sat out side and hear them.

Any way thank you very much you guys for all your help and support let just wait and see what comes of my complaint.

Take care and thank you


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  • we have no sun just rain rain rain, the cat is most disgruntled and can't understand why we would leave the shower on so long and spoil his day(cat blames us for the rain)

  • Same here I'm afraid non stop rain 😟

  • It is pouring in down in Derby, no sunshine anywhere around here! I genuinely and sincerely want to wish your little dog all the best as it must be difficult for him at this time. Please take care of each other.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken.

    Just a question for you if I tryed and I mean tryed to copy and paste my letter of complaint on here do you think any one might give us advice on it.

    Or would u advice against doing that.

    Was just a thought, there a few people said they would wait and see what out come is first, in other words wouldn't rock the boat before its sailed, but both my husband and me feel very strongly no matter what the out come this should not be let go.

    If you read our letter you would have much more of an idea were we are coming from .

    Hope you don't mind me asking.

    Take care Glynis

  • Without my FMA UK hat on. I would personally act now to show that you are not doing this as a result of not getting an award (but this is just my personal opinion).

    I am genuinely sorry to say that it would breach guidelines to copy and paste any kind of letter of this nature on to the forum and I would be asked to remove it.

    You could however, send it as a personal message to anyone who offered to help you by reading through it and giving their advice and support. I would be more than willing to read through your letter if you wished to send it to me as a PM.

    Take care


  • Think we are on same wave length

    How do I send a p meassage

  • Think,I got it

  • Hope I have done it right went on to your profile and sent just to you I hope.

    I am going to try get some sleep there is no rush what so ever

    Many thank Ken .

  • Got it and sent you a message.

    Good luck


  • Just got out from under the buses! This morning think it's been very busy last few nights ,

    Joking aside, what do you honestly think about what went on in the assessment,

    I know you wasn't there and you only have our word for that and you don't know us.

    But would like your opinion .

    many thanks again,

    God bless you and your family.


  • I personally think (without my FMAUK hat on) that your treatment was awful and that you should be offered another go at a fair and impartial assessment.

    Good luck my friend


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