DOG DAY Buster 2002-2015

DOG DAY Buster 2002-2015

Buster came to live with me in august 2005.His previous owner wanted him put down.he was given a second chance.met him at the local beach,like to think he chose me.he came over to say "hi".had him on trial and he stayed,couldnt give up on him.only found about "his history"as time passed and the first time he saw his previous owner in the street.passed 12th october 2015.sadly missed

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  • Well he was lucky to find such a wonderful human. :) you have him a happy life. You have a heart of gold and that's why he chose you.

  • thank you.he had his fair share of problems-very nervous dog.the story was he bit a child who was aggravating him and poked him with a pencil.dont know how true that actually was.i didnt know this until the little girl across the road came over to play and he bit her.felt awful but i didnt know his history kept him away from kids or watched him like a hawk if kids around.

    in time he settled and was the sweetest dog. guessed something had happened in his past as i couldnt touch his back end until one day he got wet and i dried him with a towel and then he was fine.he hated any"bangs" loud noises,hose pipes so had to walk across the road when people washing their cars.he freaked out when a boy was playing with a remote control car and the noise freaked him out and he took off,found him waiting by my back gate.thought he may have run to his previous home nearby.he also mellowed when i got Annie tho he didnt know what to make of her at first.shes missing him .still and has "picked up his habits"-calling in on m y friends who would feed them-lying on the kitchen and hall floors where he used to lie.

    he never forgot his previous family and his tail would wag nineteen to the dozen everytime he saw his "mum".i would be on the bus and he would go up to a total stranger to me who was obviously someone he knew and hadnt forgotten.

    after he passed a couple of strange things happened at home.My loft hatch fell open and a picture fell off the wall where it had hung for 10 years.i believe it was a sign from him.

  • That poor thing had probably been hurt by someone and just needed time and love from you and Annie who weren't going to judge him or scold him for his anxiety. You did a wonderful thing for him.

  • when i met him i could see beyond his exterior and the sweet dog he was .my dogs are my world.

  • You should be proud of yourself that you gave him a second chance and a warm and loving home where he could feel safe. I am sure you miss him greatly as we do our rescue dog they worm their way into our hearts very quickly.x

  • I bet he had the best life with you- people like you are very special in my eyes!

    You have wonderful pics and memories no one can ever take away from you :) xx

  • thank you ryanbone.i ll always treasure my memories of them.until i got my own dog i didnt realise what "dog-alities" they have and that they arent "just a pet".some might say i have too many photos around the house(and cross stitch pics-currently working on one of Buster.done one of Max)

  • I would agree with you my friend, thay are brilliant companions and all of individual caracters. Just like us humans, some are shy and some are loud. I must say I love them all.

    Having your precious pics around you is very comforting and there is nothing wrong with that! May they keep you safe :) xx

  • In the cross stitch one of my Max its like hes always watching me

  • Keeping you safe and your heart still glowing with love for him!

    I think that is wonderful. I too am surrounded by beautiful pics and very happy memories :) xx

  • Lovely looking boy. He will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. Xx

  • He is also so beautiful, and I am so sincerely sorry that you have lost him.

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