I have the weirdest, freakiest dreams at night - is it me or the drugs?

I do think the drugs are partly to blame but some people think that dreams have a meaning. I dream of fighting,walking naked going to the toilet in public and last night dreamt I saw the cast of Shameless sitting in a bath of black water going down the street. All I could think of was how dirty they were, not the fact they were in public. I haven't seen the programme for a long time!

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  • Dont know how long you have been on meds Ariadne(such a lovely name hun)but yes some can make us dream more.when I have stop smoking patches I have the most amazing technicolour dreams,and have to take them off at night.But thats a pain as I`m an insomniac and crave a fag lol.I get the dream stage of sleep (rem) but not the deep sleep that heals the body.Have a look on the pamphlets inside medication and if any say dreams see if you can take much earlier than bed time.It may actually be called disturbed sleep.Hope that helps a wee bit. Gentle hugs Butterfly54 xx

  • Hi Butterfly I think taken my drugs earlier is a good idea as I take them before I go to sleep. I take 20mg of Amiltryptiline, 300mg of Gabapentin and my tiny 1/4 of Tramadol. I should be flat out but it does take me awhile to get too sleep. I am currently trying to sell my house so I suppose there's a bit of anxiety in there too. Thanks for replying, much appreciated xx

  • I agree that dreams can have hidden meanings, but sometimes the problems can be more basic. I found that some meds have caused vivid dreams, but the main cause for me seems to be over-heating! I feel the cold badly, but find that if I keep myself wrapped up warm, then I also get very disturbing dreams. My solution is to get into bed with bed sox, thick jammies etc, but as soon as I warm up, I strip off a bit. Hope this helps - it certainly works for me

  • Hi Cobweb (I think my head is full of them oh and my house too). Thanks for your comments, I also feel the cold badly and then get too hot. I'll try the sockies and an extra layer too. The weather is so changeable at the moment I need different clothes! Thanks :)

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