Part 2 of: Discovers your abilities .......Miracles do happen!

Part 2 of: Discovers your abilities .......Miracles do happen!

The day before yesterday was a wonderful day for me!

You made it happen!!!!!!!!!!

I can not thank you enough for your kindness, encouragement in a time when I needed it more than ever.

I am going through a very tough time at the moment, a time where I had to watch in disbelief how every aspect of my life crumbled in front of my eyes, while I was unable to stop it.

Many of you might have made similar experiences once or many times, or are still in middle of it; to all of them a very special hugggggggggggg.

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

I could tell you many stories to prove that, but I will just tell you one story, because you are all part of it.

I had spent one of these tossing-and- turning nights, we probably all know very well.

A time where we question everything and everyone and where we have to turn our pillow over a few times, to escape the moisture self-pity has soaked into it.

Without my cats, who squeezed their hot little bodies around me, reminding me that I was not alone, I would have finally fallen into this very dark hole I had avoided for so long. Cat's expression of love and understanding are sweet, but rather uncomfortable sometimes, and so I got up and switched on my computer.

I don't know what I was expecting to find in my mail box, as hardly anyone sends me mails these days. Texting is the thing of the day.

Anyway, to make a long story short. there was a message from ' Health Unlocked'.

My first reaction was deleting it, without looking, thinking it comes from just another company who tries to sell me discounted vitamins. I had no memory of the fact that I must have signed up with them about 3 years ago. Thank's God I opened the mail and was in-middle of the fibromyalgia community. I kept on reading and forgot my misery and got immediately involved and the miracle happened! I met you guys and felt your warmth and your love and your appreciation for my art and ideas and immediately I saw the famous light on the horizon, knowing that I will make it.

Yes, I will sweep together the crumbles of my life and bake a cake from it.

You might ask what is the the miracle?

The miracle is, that I did not receive any mail from 'Health Unlocked' for so many years and suddenly, totally unprompted it comes, in a time when I needed it most and we (you all and I) connected, like we just chatted together the day before, not years before.

As they say, God works in mysterious ways and Hey, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!.

Today I will send you my second painting, which is another still-life. Can you see the improvement?

Heaps of love to all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I am so so pleased for you is lovely to read about how much a few friends can make and that we do help each other enormously! Love the painting and I hope to see more in

  • Trikki you are a Godsend! You always make one feel good, what a gift. If all people would know that just one sincere word of encouragement , one sincere smile can safe a life the world would be a better place.

    Let me give you a sisterly hug, my friend. xxx

  • I have a similar scarf.

  • nice

  • Wow another amazing painting, you are so talented it is a gift in itself, really glad you found this forum and how lovely email came when you most needed it, these things definitely happen for a reason, love and wishes four you xx

  • Thank you so much Dionne. How is KIKI? I just noticed your beautiful cat. I am always pleased to meet cat lovers.


  • Hi there

    I have always believed that things happen for a reason, good or bad and even the bad we can usually look back on and find something positive.

    I am so pleased that you found this very kind community when you needed it most.

    You are a very talented artist - your painting is beautiful.



  • Angelseven , thank you. I made the same experience by looking back.

    Really when we think about it, just having met each other, in this group of wonderful people, would not have happened if I would not be so sick. Don't they call things like that 'blessings in disguise'?

  • Another great painting 😃

    I so agree with the others everything happens for a reason , you were meant to join our happy group and I'm so glad you have 'found' us, take care

  • Thank you Mydexter, I am glad you feel that way. The moment I would feel unwelcome I would very unhappily back off and disappear.

  • Another lovely picture. And a lovely sentiment too. Hugs to you too. xxx 🤗💞😍

  • Thanks uksmi4, so good to be appreciated. I love your cat.


  • Well done you, can definitely see that this one was harder to draw than the previous one - you've done the shadows perfectly. It takes a certain something to be able to bring an image like this to life, its so warm and inviting :)

    Beautiful words too, I for one, can certainly identify with what you are saying. What medium are you using, its difficult to tell if its paint or pastels?

  • Thank you Maria I love your detailed comment. I am using Pastels as a medium and have a special technique developed by using some moisture with them.

    My biggest problem with this painting was to get the brass ashtray look like brass, without using metal paint. I also wanted to get the lace and table-cloth better than on the first one. I was very unhappy with the lace of the first one, hahaha.

    My still life's are mainly an exercise of getting the different textures right, textures like silk, cotton, glass, pottery, metal, wood etc. Before I started painting I was always wondering how hard it must be to paint clear glass, for example. I was excited like a kid when I learned how relatively easy it was.

    Hugs and best wishes!

  • What a beautiful painting and a wonderful post, thank you so much it is genuinely appreciated :)

  • Thank you Ken. I would love to read some of your work. Where can I find it? I am just starting tapping around looking at the amazing contribution from a lot of so talented members and I have only scratched the surface.

    Kindest regards to the most beautiful corn-grower in GB.

  • Yes I believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad. You painting is lovely x

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