I think my daufghter and 2 Grandsons (age 2 and 4 ) are coming over today for a bit so that has brightened up my day today even though i am not able to do much today just to see them on the floor playing and chatting away and smiling that is enough to melt your heart and you cant help but smile and laugh at them and with them , they will want me to play but i am afraid Nanny 's joints are not being kind today but will have fun watching them hope you find something to make you smile today love to youa alll Diddle x

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  • Ahhh, something nice to look forward to, you enjoy xx

  • thank you enoy your day love and hugs diddle x

  • That's lovely to see your daughter & grandsons, hope you have a great time and fun. xx

  • Hi they did not come in the end it hink my daughter picked up in my voice i was having a bad day and so is coming another day i did want to see the boys and her but not if i jus sitting about in pain not fair on them or me but spoke to them on phone so still got a smile lo love to you Diddle x

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